Sometimes facts are more interesting than fiction.   The true story of how the A7L spacesuit was made is incredible.  I fell in love with it right away! It had: suspense, big dreams, underdogs, danger, and a magical ending.  What was not to love?


The A7L spacesuit has become one of the most famous and celebrated garments in international history.

While researching the story behind these moon suits, I discovered a treasure trove of interesting facts.  Today I’m going to share with you the five most interesting facts I learned about the A7L spacesuit.

1. Bras and Girdles : Playtex, a division of ILC Dover was known for making bras, girdles, and diaper covers.   The same women that made clothing for women and children made the moon suits for the first moon walk 50 years ago


2. Pinholes:  Pins were used very sparingly during the fabrication of the A7L.  A pinhole could have dire consequences for astronauts. An x-ray machine was used to detect any unwanted pins left behind in the suits.


3. Armour-   The suits that were competing against Playtex, were hard like armour.   ILC Dover / Playtex used latex to fabricate the A7L spacesuit. This is why the A7L was softer and more comfortable than other suits.. 


4. 9 Suits– Buzz Aldrin, Neil Armstrong, and Michael Collins had 3 spacesuits each: One for flight, one for training, and one for back up. 


5. 21 layers-  The A7L spacesuit had 21 thin layers.  It was like no other spacesuit. It was heat resistant, comfortable and light enough so that astronauts could walk on the moon.  

These and other facts can be found in the  ‘The Spacesuit:  How a seamstress helped put Man on the Moon”. 



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