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The Librarian's Corner


This month's Librarian's Corner features popular summer 2015 releases to keep on your radar! These are highly anticipated books that everyone is talking about and that you'll want to get your hands on as soon as possible! As a librarian I can't wait to get copies of these books in and get them into the hands of my teen and adult YA readers. 



1.) More Happy Than Not

The YA contemporary that everyone is talking about this year is a powerhouse near-future YA debut set in the Bronx, following Aaron Soto, a boy with a lot to forget. Aaron's hot and crazy summer is full of eye-opening twists and turns that you won't see coming and will want to talk about with everyone. Get your hands on this book asap!
A dramatic mystery that will keep you turning the pages long into the night, this book is about 2 girls and their intertwined history and secrets. June and Delia have always been best friends, but June had no idea that Delia would commit suicide - it must have been murder. But June is still haunted by that one fateful night last summer, and she wonders - was Delia haunted by it too? 
There is war brewing in fairy land, and Beckan is caught in the middle of it. This highly anticipated, lyrical YA fantasy from fantastic author Hannah Moskowitz is a powerful exploration of what makes a family, what justifies a war, and what it means to truly love.
The next YA contemporary from hit debut author Adi Alsaid is about the end of high school and embracing your inner cliche. Dave and Julia have been best friends for practically forever, and they decide to complete their high school experience by checking off everything on their "Never Do in High School List": Never date your best friend, never be voted prom king, never dye your hair an unnatural color, and several more typical high school activities. A fun and surprisingly deep contemporary drama. 
Eden Grey is the Young Adult Programming Librarian at the Erlanger branch of the Kenton County Public Library system, the busiest branch library in the state of Kentucky. Eden is a contributor to Teen Services Underground, and reviews books for YABC and School Library Journal. When she is not herding cats -ahem, teens- at the library, Eden can be found reading, knitting, sewing, cosplaying, and playing Pokemon. You can always find her on Twitter (@edyngrey), and Blogging Between the Lines
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Elizabeth Drake, Staff Reviewer (website) on Monday, 15 June 2015 12:42

Suicide Notes and History of Glitter and Blood are both great. Very dark, but fantastic escape novels for summer.

Suicide Notes and History of Glitter and Blood are both great. Very dark, but fantastic escape novels for summer.