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Behind the Scenes of Indie Publishing

Behind the Scenes of Indie Publishing
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The Best of Being Indie By Michelle Lynn , Staff Reviewer and Indie Author I’m not going to lie, being an indie author can be disheartening, stressful. Much of the time, we don’t believe we’re good enough. So much hangs on the opinions of others. Our sales might struggle and it...
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Author Top 5 with Andrew Chilton

Author Top 5 with Andrew Chilton
  Today we welcome Andrew Chilton to YABC! Andrew's book, The Goblin Puzzle , is filled with twists and turns and a manipulative Goblin! This magical novel will leave readers dazzled and delighted. Read on to learn a few things about Andrew, his book, the top five scariest things that happen when...
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Elizabeth Drake, Staff Reviewer
What a great interview. This books sounds really fun!
Friday, 30 October 2015 14:34
Dan Denman
I would be worried about creating an interesting story with interesting characters that people would want to read.
Sunday, 22 November 2015 02:19
Claire Wezet
I totally dig this cover. And the book sounds really awesome!
Tuesday, 24 November 2015 22:46
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Author Guest Post--Robert Wright

Author Guest Post--Robert Wright
  Today we welcome Robert Wright to YABC! Robert's new book,  Witch Way Home , is filled with creatures from myths and stories, and a girl trying to find her way home. This fantastical story is a discovery of friends, foes, and heritage that will leave readers delighted! Robert is sharing a...
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