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Middle Grade Review: Marco Swift and the Mirror of Souls: A Middle-Grade Fantasy Adventure (D. E. Cunningham)

About This Book: Struggling with the sudden death of his father and his mother’s downward spiral into mental illness, eleven-year-old Marco is haunted by dark forgotten memories and the fear that he’ll lose a second parent. But when a mysterious enchantress appears with a promise to cure his mother, Marco soon...
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Middle Grade Review: Unikorn (Don Handfield)

About This Book: Young Mae lost her mother in a tragic accident a few years back, although her mother's body was never recovered from the raging river into which their car crashed. Mae is devastated because her father, now that enough time has elapsed for proof of death, must sell off...
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Middle Grade Review: Ronan Boyle Into the Strangeplace (Ronan Boyle #3) (John Hendrix)

About This Book: Ronan Boyle may be the youngest detective of the secret Garda, but now that he’s saved the captain from a spooky cult, he’s also the only detective that has the head of an old Irish god in his vastsack! But his adventures are far from over. His parents...
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Middle Grade Review: Whispering Alaska (Brendan Jones)

About This Book: It’s been four months since their mother died. The twins and their father have moved from Pennsylvania to a small town in Alaska to be near extended family. Nicky and Josie find the wilderness mysterious and beautiful, and a much-needed refuge. The girls drifted apart somewhat during their...
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2021 in Review: Mark Buxton, Staff Reviewer's Top 5 books

2021 in Review The team at have worked hard all year reading wonderful books and creating insightful reviews to help readers find their next great read.  The staff has reflected on their top 5 favorite books of 2021.  We hope you are inspired to check out these great books too!...
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