Today we're excited to spotlight The Storm Runner by J.C. Cervantes. Read on for more about J.C. and her book, plus the top 5 things one needs to defeat the Mayan god of death & giveaway! 


Meet J.C. Cervantes! 

J. C. Cervantes ( is the author of Tortilla Sun, which was called "a beautiful and engaging debut" by Kirkus, an "imaginative, yet grounded novel" by Publishers Weekly, and "lean and lightly spiced with evocative metaphor" by School Library JournalTortilla Sun was a 2010 New Voices pick by the American Booksellers Association and it was named to Bank Street's 2011 Best Book List. When Jennifer isn't reading or writing, she helping her husband with his gubernatorial campaign. Follow her on Facebook, Twitter: @jencerv, and Instagram: #authorjcervantes.
Meet The Storm Runner!

A contemporary adventure based on Mayan mythology from Rick Riordan Presents!

Zane has always enjoyed exploring the dormant volcano near his home in New Mexico, even though hiking it is challenging. He'd much rather hang out there with his dog, Rosie, than go to middle school, where kids call him Sir Limps a Lot, McGimpster, or Uno--for his one good leg. What Zane doesn't know is that the volcano is a gateway to another world and he is at the center of a powerful prophecy. A new girl at school, Brooks, informs him that he's destined to release an evil god from the ancient Mayan relic he is imprisoned in--unless she can find and remove it first. Together they return to the volcano, where all kinds of crazy happens. Brooks turns into a hawk, a demon attacks them in a cave, and Rosie gives her all while trying to protect Zane. When Zane decides to save his dog no matter the cost, he is thrust into an adventure full of surprising discoveries, dangerous secrets, and an all-out war between the gods, one of whom happens to be his father. To survive, Zane will have to become the Storm Runner. But how can he run when he can't even walk well without a cane?


Top 5 Things One Needs to Defeat the Mayan God of Death

by Brooks (shapeshifting hero) and Hondo (Fearless demon-slaying champion)

Warning: Do not try the following unless you’re

  1. A sobrenatural

  2. A godborn

  3. An immortal

  4. Are obsessed with becoming immortal the only way mortals can, when a writer turns them into the star of a myth

Okay, now that the caution notice has been given, (that was Hondo’s idea because he’s all freaked about getting sued) we turn our attention to your burning question: how DO you defeat the god of death, darkness, and destruction? First, you have to know who you’re dealing with. Folks, this IS the god of DEATH, aka the Stinking One we’re talking about. Yes, we know we already said that, but it bears repeating. Still reading? Okaaay, here goes...

Brooks: It’s all about the sacrifice. Mayan gods love sacrifices, mostly blood, which I wouldn’t recommend, but you could use something like a pint of fake Halloween blood or, in a pinch, cranberry juice thickened with baking soda. Anyways, I’d for sure make the sacrifice to Nakon, god of war. Why? Well, for starters, he’s not the smartest, so he’ll fall for the fake blood. And second, he loves a good fight. Especially if it’s against “Puke face,” as the jefe of death is not-so- affectionately known by Zane.

Hondo: Fake blood? Lame. Cranberry juice? Lamer! And Nakon looked like a puny chump to me. I’ve got a better idea. Ah Puch has a huge ego, so be smart and play to that. Write a killer heavy metal song for him, or make a movie starring just him, or maybe you could paint/sculpt his ugly face. Then, when he’s admiring himself and lets his guard down, come up behind him, sweep your leg around and behind his ankles, then quickly shove him into a magical prison, lock the door and throw away the key.

Brooks: No one shoves the god of death, Hondo! And where do you think someone is supposed to find a magical prison? eBay? Better to do like Zane did and bind yourself to Ah Puch in an empty promise. Ah Puch loves stealing lives and making others serve him for all eternity. But you, being the — a-hem — genius that you are, will trick him into becoming your errand boy. Ha! All you have to do is get him to sign a solid contract with lots of tiny print that protects you and crushes him. He hates to read.

Hondo: A contract? Really? That’s the best you got? (What’re you, a lawyer?) And Zane says you’re smart!

Brooks: Hey, I’m saving the best for last! (Zane really said that?)

Hondo: I’ve got a real solution, folks. Ask others to help you. Create alliances. This is critical. No hero acts alone. I mean, check out how much I helped Zane! The dude would’ve been a demon’s dinner if it hadn’t been for me. (Brooks, don’t sigh, it’s true!)

Do you have a supernatural friend? Someone who knows magic? (If not, why are you still reading? Go out and make some!)

Or even better, maybe you can meet someone who can shift into an enormous animal with massive claws. For sure don’t drag your human friends into this dangerous game. Even if they start every day with a kale smoothie and can bench press two-fifty without breaking a sweat, you never really know what it’s like to face the god of death until you face him. Take it from me!

Brooks: We ALL helped Zane, Hondo. But whatever. Hog all the credit.

I’ve got the best idea yet. Drum roll, please. Find a chile pepper pro like Mr. Ortiz to recreate La Muerta (the hottest thing to ever spring out of the earth!), then pop a few brain-paralyzing seeds into a square of homespun Mayan chocolate. The gods go crazy for the stuff. Ah Puch’ll be down for the count.

Hondo: Fat chance that’ll work! Before you know it, he’ll wake up, madder than ever. Ask Zane what it smells like to have the Stinking One breathing down your neck.

(No, Brooks, I will not zip my lip. I don’t want to get sued for bad advice. I’ve got a company to run!)

Brooks: Whatever you decide out there, we are united in wishing you a supernatural dose of good fortune. So, buena suerte! And like Zane says: See you on the other side! 



The Storm Runner

By: J.C. Cervantes

Release Date: September 18, 2018


Two winners will each receive a copy of The Storm Runner (US only).

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