Spotlight on The Cure by Tania Hagan, Plus Giveaway!

Hello YABC readers! I’m so happy to be here with you today!

So, what exactly is The Cure? It’s a Dystopian tale with an unusual theme. In fact, I don’t think there’s ever been anything quite like it. The events in this book don’t happen after any long struggle, or apocalypse. It is just the natural evolution of our society.

I made it feel real, like everyday life, except for one small nagging issue. In this world, every child has to be born as the clone of someone. It seems simple, doesn’t it? But, like all good stories, it’s anything but simple.

The Cure is definitely a love story on an epic scale. I dare you to read it and not fall in love with at least one of the characters. And, it’s a story about friendship, family, loyalty, commitment, and doing what’s right against all odds.

In the end, it makes you wonder if this type of thing can truly happen to us. I believe it can, if we continue the way we are going. But, is that a bad thing? You decide.

Happy reading! Thank you all! 


Today, we're spotlighting The Cure! This new book is a dystopian sure to keep you hooked all the way through. Read on for an excerpt by Tania Hagan, and a chance to enter the giveaway!



But first, meet Tania Hagan!

Tania Hagan was born in Illinois, but moved to Southern California as a young teen. She began her writing career shortly after college, when she wrote for a major business magazine. She also read the nightly business report for the company's TV news.

The Cure is Tania’s debut novel. Although it is a stand­alone book, Tania is hard at work on the sequel.

Tania currently lives in Chicago with her daughter, her husband, and her three dogs. 


Now meet Tania's new book!

Beautiful and brilliant, eighteen­year­old Genesis Weatherby lives a charmed life as the clone of a long­dead silent film star. She is loved by her close­knit family as well as her two best friends, and being a clone isn’t so bad when everyone in the world is one too.

Thanks to an organization known as GOD, there have been no Original births in one hundred and thirty years. In a successful attempt to eradicate cancer, GOD has taken control of human procreation, and only the human copies that are proven to be free of the once devastating disease are allowed to thrive.

Genny never questions anything about her world, until she meets handsome and mysterious Nat Wilkinson. Now, she is forced to make choices that can alter the course of her life, as well as the lives of everyone on the planet. 


Sounds great, right?! With introductions in order, it's time for an excerpt from this exciting new read!

Excerpt from The Cure:

... I thought of my little brother and sister. They were two of the lights of my life, as was my whole family. Now, I wondered if they were safe at all.

My brother was eight­years­old, the fastest runner in his class, and by far, the best singer. But, if someone looked at Baxter, they could immediately see he was also Elson Priestley. That is to say, he was an EP1 and carried the same DNA as the King of rock and roll.

My family had a trip planned to Las Vegas for the end of this summer. We were supposed to leave in two weeks. Vegas was a mecca for EP1s.

I shivered thinking about the family life I’d left behind. In a different world, my family and I would have been planning our trip to some swanky hotel, only a few hundred miles from where I currently laid, trembling and fearing for my life.

I was thankful for the night air, despite its icy bite. A chilly wind swept through the stacks of hay. It kicked up the scent, and produced a soft­swishing sound.

I felt drowsiness tickling my head. It begged to carry my body away. Before sleep could take over my thoughts completely, I started to worry about the fact that I might have been left there alone. He would never do it intentionally, but what if something had happened to him? As that possibility bored a hole through my cloudy, near­dreamlike mind, I sat upright.

My belly ached again. This time, I started to worry. Although I’d never gone hungry before this all had happened, I was pretty sure the pains were not from hunger alone. Something was definitely happening to me, and I knew I didn’t have much time.

Earlier, we’d stashed the car in another hay shed, about twenty feet from where I was hiding. I heard a soft thud come from that direction.

I was terrified, and angry at the same time. I cursed to myself. I hated this new life. We shouldn’t have been forced to live it. I hated all of the lies we were led to believe, and the people who perpetuated them. Because of the billions of souls who came before us, and their blind trust, my world had come to this. I should have been back home with my family and friends. Now, I might have lost someone very dear to me, and I would probably never see my closest friends or my family again.

I listened for the noise, but I heard nothing but silence and the occasional wind whistling through the hay.

Suddenly, I heard it again. The deep, singular thumping sound that reminded me of throwing a bag of trash into a metal can. I grabbed my gun and scooted back further into the darkness... 





The Cure

By: Tania Hagan

Release Date: February 16, 2016 




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