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Meet Matt Burns!


Matt Burns grew up in Alpharetta, Georgia and wrote this book in New York. He currently works as an animation producer in New York City.






Meet Smooth!

Kevin’s acne is horribly, hideously bad. Can a risky treatment fix his face — and his entire life? A witty and sharply observed debut.

Fifteen-year-old Kevin has acne, and not just any acne. Stinging red welts, painful pustules, and massive whiteheads are ruining his life. In an act of desperation, he asks his dermatologist to prescribe him a drug with a dizzying list of possible side effects — including depression — and an obligatory monthly blood test. But when he meets Alex, a girl in the lab waiting room, blood test day quickly becomes his safe haven — something he sorely needs, since everyone, including his two best friends, is trying his last nerve. But as Kevin’s friendships slip further away and he discovers who Alex is outside of the lab, he realizes he's not sure about anything anymore. Are loneliness and self-doubt the side effects of his new acne meds? Or are they the side effects of being fifteen?

Told in a bitingly funny first-person narration, this debut novel crackles with wry and wistful insights about the absurdities of high school, longing and heartbreak, and a body out of control. A surefire hit for teen boys and reluctant readers, Smooth gets under the skin of a tenth-grader who is changing — inside and out.



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~ Playlist ~


"Emo and pop-punk music were strong influences on SMOOTH, my new YA novel about acne and growing up. Like emo lyrics, the book can be sad, serious, and biting, but also sarcastic and funny. The songs on this playlist are either referenced in the book, were favorites of mine when I was a sophomore in high school like the characters in SMOOTH, or were songs I listened to while writing and editing the book. They're loosely in an order that feels like the plot of the book to me. A lot of these picks may only make sense after you've read the book."


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By: Matt Burns

Publisher: Candlewick Press

Release Date: June 16th, 2020





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