Sneak Peek of Pieces of You and Me, Plus Giveaway!

Sneak Peek of Pieces of You and Me, Plus Giveaway!

In Pieces of You and Me, you’ll meet Rylee Dunn and Chase Walsh, two former childhood sweethearts who were separated for five years. Now, Chase is back. They’ve both changed, but they’re also more attracted to each other than ever. The problem is, many obstacles stand in their way: the pain from their past, fear of the future, Rylee’s friends who want to protect her from getting hurt again, and Chase’s dad’s tenuous grip on sobriety.

I found the inspiration for Rylee and Chase during a walk in my neighborhood. As I was heading down a steep slope, two teens on a skateboard flew by me, gravity catapulting them toward the bottom of the hill. The guy was behind the girl, his palms flat on her stomach, pulling her close and keeping her safe. Her arms were spread out wide, like she was flying. They were both smiling like there was nowhere else in the world they would rather be. They disappeared from sight a few seconds later, but they made me think about the trust between the two, and the happiness that came with being in the moment. Not worrying about what had happened at the top of the hill or what was waiting for them at the bottom, just enjoying being with each other. I haven’t seen those teenagers since, but I hope they would approve of Pieces of You and Me



Meet Erin Fletcher!

Erin Fletcher is a young adult author from North Carolina. She is a morning person who does most of her writing before sunrise, while drinking excessive quantities of coffee. She believes flip-flops qualify as year-round footwear, and would spend every day at the beach if she could. She has a bachelor's degree in mathematics, which is almost never useful when writing books.



Meet Pieces of You and Me!

Five years. 


That’s how long I’ve been gone. Since I left my best friend—the girl I loved—behind.


Five seconds.


That was how long it takes to realize I am completely, utterly, screwed. Because now that I’m back, my childhood crush has turned into so much more.


Rylee has changed. We both have. And now I’m drawn to her in a completely different way. To her smile. Her touch. To reliving old memories and making new ones. To the happiness she’s always given me that I haven’t felt since I left.


But her friends are hell-bent on keeping us apart. My dad is one drink away from destroying both of our lives, and maybe I am, too. It’s only a matter of time before I have to leave again, and there’s nothing I can do to stop it. I never get a choice.


The one choice I can make? Stay away from Rylee. Because if I don’t, I’ll break her heart—and mine—all over again.


Disclaimer: This Entangled Teen Crush book contains references to drinking, addiction, and just the right amount of angst. You’ll want to save this tortured hero, while at the same time, not want to change a single thing about him! 



Excerpt: CHAPTER ONE--Rylee

“Well, don’t keep me waiting,” I said. “Tell me the big news.”

Mya shut her locker and turned to me with a smile. “We have a new student starting today. A junior. People are losing their mind over this guy.”

I cringed. There hadn’t been a new industry or even a new strip mall in Meridian Heights for years. Most people were looking for a way out of town, so for a new family to come in? “Don’t you remember our last new student? That guy who intentionally started a fire in the chem lab on his second day? Such a mess.”

Mya elbowed me. “From what I saw, this guy is a hot mess, too. Emphasis on hot. You should go to the office and volunteer to show him around. You’re our future valedictorian. Principal Lee probably already has you in mind for the Welcome Committee.”

“We don’t have a welcome committee. And besides, I’m not going to be valedictorian if I fail AP English.”

Mya groaned. “You got a B plus on one test. You’ll live. Do you know how happy I would be with a B plus in non­AP English? Or any kind of B for that matter?”

I took the book I needed for first hour out of my locker. “Maybe you should study sometime and try it out.”

Before Mya could argue, D’Andre walked up, and the conversation was all but forgotten. Mya’s face lit up the same way it did every time since they started dating five months ago.

“Shield your eyes, Dunn,” D’Andre said, then handed Mya a single red rose and placed a sweet kiss on her lips. “Good morning, beautiful.”

Mya squealed. “It’s perfect! What’s this for?”
“Just because.”
It really wasn’t fair. Not only was D’Andre the star of their school’s soccer team,

but he was tall and handsome, all dark skin and a bright smiles. Plus, he pulled “just because” stuff like that for Mya all the time. He needed to share the wealth. Or at least teach a Dating 101 class for the rest of his male classmates.

Maybe that was one thing to be hopeful about with, whoever this new guy was. Maybe he’d bring the kind of romance and chivalry that was in such short supply in Meridian Heights.

“You couldn’t have bought two roses?” I asked.
D’Andre raised an eyebrow. “For a friend?”
“Mine wouldn’t have to be red. Isn’t yellow the color of friendship? Aren’t we

He laughed. “Sorry. Next time. Yellow rose. Consider it done.”
“Rylee doesn’t need it,” Mya said as she rolled the stem of the rose between her

thumb and forefinger. “The gorgeous new guy is going to buy her roses.”
D’Andre scratched his chin. “New guy? How do we know he’s good enough?”
For the love of... “He’s not,” I answered. “I told you. I’m done with high school

guys. I’m just biding my time until college. Hopefully a fellow Duke student.”
When I was a freshman, I thought I wanted a high school boyfriend. But then I

got one. Boyfriend One only wanted me to do his homework and watch him play video

games. Boyfriend Two cheated on me and lied about it, even though I walked in on him and the other girl in action. Boyfriend Three panicked and bolted when I gave him a Valentine’s Day card because he “wasn’t ready for that kind of commitment.” College guys had to be better than that.

“You’re done with the old high school guys,” Mya said. “Not the shiny new ones.”

The first bell rang, interrupting their conversation and scattering students in different directions.

“I gotta talk to Mr. Green before class starts,” D’Andre said. “See you ladies at lunch?”

Mya stood to her tiptoes and kissed her boyfriend. “Thanks again for the rose.” D’Andre said goodbye and took off down the hall.



Pieces of You and Me

By: Erin Fletcher

Release Date: April 18, 2016 



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Kathleen Pasqualini on Wednesday, 20 April 2016 21:38

I like the premise of this book and I think the cover is cute.

I like the premise of this book and I think the cover is cute.
vox libris on Tuesday, 10 May 2016 15:46

I love the story idea for this book.

I love the story idea for this book.
Danielle Hammelef on Friday, 13 May 2016 18:54

This book soounds like the perfect summer read for me! I love the characters already!

This book soounds like the perfect summer read for me! I love the characters already!