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About The Book:

Title: LOVE & OLIVES (Love & Gelato #3)


Author: Jenna Evans Welch

Pub. Date: November 10, 2020

Publisher: Simon Pulse

Formats: Hardcover, Paperback, eBook, Audiobook

Pages: 352

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From the New York Times bestselling author of Love & Gelato comes a Mamma Mia–inspired tale about a teen girl finding romance while trying to connect with her absent father in beautiful Santorini, Greece.

Liv Varanakis doesn’t have a lot of fond memories of her father, which makes sense—he fled to Greece when she was only eight. What Liv does remember, though, is their shared love for Greek myths and the lost city of Atlantis. So when Liv suddenly receives a postcard from her father explaining that National Geographic is funding a documentary about his theories on Atlantis—and will she fly out to Greece and help?—Liv jumps at the opportunity.

But when she arrives to gorgeous Santorini, things are a little…awkward. There are so many questions, so many emotions that flood to the surface after seeing her father for the first time in years. And yet Liv doesn’t want their past to get in the way of a possible reconciliation. She also definitely doesn’t want Theo—her father’s charismatic so-called “protégé”—to witness her struggle.

And that means diving into all that Santorini has to offer—the beautiful sunsets, the turquoise water, the hidden caves, and the delicious cuisine. But not everything on the Greek island is as perfect as it seems. Because as Liv slowly begins to discover, her father may not have invited her to Greece for Atlantis, but for something much more important.

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Oia felt grittier and prettier and smaller and somehow even more charming than still images could capture. Or at least, that’s the impression I was getting, I was mostly trying to keep my eyes on whatever scrap of Theo was still in my view, and that wasn’t easy.

At first Oia all looked the same. The buildings all had a similar theme—low, white, and angular—but as we ran through the narrow corridors, the buildings began to distinguish themselves. We passed a small church with blue candy-striped poles out front, and then a grocery store full of things that I vaguely remembered my dad buying from the shops in Chicago’s Greektown: soft nougat, canned octopus, sun-dried figs, sesame bars, and jars of Nutella. Tourist shops displayed their wares on open patios—everything from stuffed donkeys to original artwork. But most of all there was white. The buildings, churches, and walkway all glowed a stark white in the late evening sunlight, broken up by the occasional bursts of fuchsia bougainvillea flowers and the bright blue of Greek flags. There were no cars in Oia, and that was a good thing, because where would they possibly fit?

Pedestrians—tourists judging from their rapturous gazes—clogged up nearly every inch of walking room. Half of them were dressed stylishly in flowing dresses and summer suits, and the rest looked like they were straight off the beach. They moved in slow, dazed clumps, cameras in hand, stopping to take photos of small churches and charming doorways and stepping over all the shaggy lumps of dogs lounging inconveniently in the middle of the sidewalks. They were unbelievably annoying—the people, I mean, the dogs I wanted to scoop up and carry to wherever we were going—but I would be taking photos and staring too, if I weren’t desperately trying not to get left behind.

Theo dodged down streets and careered up steps, while I ran behind him, my sandals slippery on the marble walkway, my backpack bouncing heavily. By now I wished I’d taken his hand; it would have made a lot more sense. Not even Dax could argue with that. Right at the moment when I felt like my heart might explode, Theo skidded to a halt. I attempted to stop, but my sandals were no match for the worn-down marble, and Theo caught me by the upper arm to keep me upright. I was a sweaty mess and breathing like I was making a jailbreak.

“Welcome to Atlantis,” Theo said.



About Jenna:


Jenna Evans Welch was the kind of insatiable child reader who had no choice but to grow up to become a writer. She is the New York Times bestselling author of Love & Gelato, Love & Luck, and Love & Olives. When she isn’t writing girl abroad stories, Jenna can be found chasing her children or making elaborate messes in the kitchen. She lives in Salt Lake City, Utah, with her husband and two young children. Visit her online at JennaEvansWelch.com.

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