Today we're excited to chat with C.J. Redwine (Ravenspire Series) as part of YABC's Brand New Holiday Anthology,

Mistletoe & Magic!

Read on for more about Melissa and her story, The Uninvited Guest: A Ravenspire Short Story, plus a giveaway!

Meet C.J. 

C.J. Redwine is the New York Times bestselling author of YA fantasy novels, including the Ravenspire series of fairytale retellings and the Defiance trilogy, and is the owner and staff manager at YABooksCentral.com. She’s still waiting for her letter from Hogwart’s. Currently, she lives in Nashville with her husband, five children, three pets, and a wardrobe that stubbornly refuses to lead to Narnia, no matter how many times she tries


Meet The Uninvited Guest: A Ravenspire Short Story

Available in the YABC Holiday Anthology: Mistletoe & Magic

An old enemy. A new curse. And one chance to save her kingdom.

Ari Glavan, princess and avid dragon enthusiast, is thrilled to be spending the Wintermass holiday with her true love, Sebastian, and her dear friends Kol and Lorelai in their northern kingdom of Eldr. She hopes for dragon sightings, kisses under starlight, and to be present when Lorelai gives birth to her first child. But when an old enemy crashes the Wintermass Eve ball and curses Lorelai’s unborn child, Ari and her friends must fight to protect Eldr and its unborn princess from a powerful enchantress before the curse becomes permanent.


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YABC: What was your inspiration for this story?

C.J.: For years, my readers have been asking for more of Lorelai and Kol from The Shadow Queen and Ari and Sebastian from The Wish Granter. Because I'm planning a ten book series, I've been laying bread crumbs and setting up plot and characters that are for future books. I was excited to take the opportunity to create a holiday story that featured these four characters in a way that would be fun for readers of the series but also be an enjoyable fantasy story for new-to-me readers. As a bonus, I was able to introduce both the heroine and villain for a future Ravenspire book!

YABC: Tell us about your other works or projects? Where can we find your books?

C.J.: I'm the author of the Ravenspire series of dark epic fantasies inspired by fairy tales. The Shadow Queen (Snow White), The Wish Granter (Rumpelstiltskin), and The Traitor Prince (The Prince and the Pauper) are all available anywhere books are sold, and The Blood Spell (Cinderella) hits stores on 2/12/19. The books are stand alones and can be read in any order, though there are fun easter eggs for readers who choose to go in order. I also have the Defiance trilogy available, which is a post-apocalyptic fantasy about a girl who commits treason against the brutal leader of her city-state so she can escape into the wasteland beyond to search for her missing father. She's being pursued by an army of assassins and a monster who can't be killed, and the truth she uncovers starts a war that was two decades in the making.

YABC: When it's book haul time at YABC, how do you decide which books to request?

C.J.: I love all books! Fantasy is my favorite genre, but I also read sci-fi, contemporary, horror, thriller, and the occasional historical. The cover is often what draws me first (or an author I've read and enjoyed before), but I'm also a sucker for an amazing book description!

C.J.'s Awards:

New York Times Best Seller


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