Middle Grade Review: Traitors Among Us (Marsha Forchuk Skrypuch)


About This Book:

World War II may be over. But two sisters are far from safe.

Inspired by true events, this is the latest gripping and powerful novel from the acclaimed author of Making Bombs for Hitler.

Sisters Krystia and Maria have been through the worst -- or so they think. World War II ravaged their native Ukraine, but they both survived, and are now reunited in a displaced persons camp.

Then another girl accuses the sisters of being Hitler Girls -- people who collaborated with the Nazis. Nothing could be further from the truth; during the horrors of the war, both sisters resisted the Nazis and everything they stood for. But the Soviets, who are now in charge, don't listen to the sisters' protests. Krystia and Maria are taken away and interrogated for crimes they never committed.

Caught in a dangerous trap, the sisters must look to each other for strength and perseverance. Can they convince their captors that they're innocent -- or escape to safety before it's too late?


*Review Contributed by Kim Baccelia, Staff Reviewer*

Traitors Among Us
Sisters Krystia and Maria think they're safe after WWII ends. They've seen the horrors of the war ravage their native Ukraine and lost their mother after she was caught hiding Jews from the Nazis. But that isn't the end of their trials after Soviets kidnap them from a refugee camp in the American Zone. They are betrayed by a Hitler girl who infiltrated the camp. They are sent and interrograted as being traitors.The sisters must rely on themselves if they have any hope of escaping.

What worked: This story covers a time right after the end of WWII. I didn't know much of what happened after the Allies, including the Soviets, drew up occupation zones. Readers find out what happened when the Soviets kidnapped young people that fit a profile. Mostly these were survivors of the war that fought against the Nazis and worked in the underground helping Jews.

Krystia and Maria's plight is based on factual truths. Readers also learn about the Werewolf Nazi group of young girls who were recruited to kill Allie forces in their attempt to reinstate the Nazis into power. Sophie's character is fleshed out and not just the one-dimensional evil Nazi youth. The girls try to help each other survive in the interogration camp, even when the anger they feel for Sophie is justified. I really liked this. Readers see that the war had shades of gray. That some people resorted to things to survive that they might have not have done otherwise.

There's a map at the back of the book which includes the occupation zones and where the girls had been held. Also there are facts which include why the Soviets singled out youth like the sisters and how the girls, with the help of some locals, were able to escape.

Powerful, heart-wrenching historical that takes place right after WWII. Heart-pounding action as the sisters learn that they need to rely on each other in order to survive being held by Soviet troops. A very satisfying addition to other Scholastic books in the Making Bombs for Hitler trilogy.
Good Points
1. Powerful, heart-wrenching historical tale
2. Heart-pounding action

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