Middle Grade Review: Ms. Marvel: Stretched Thin (Nadia Shammas)


About This Book:

An original middle-grade graphic novel starring breakout character (and New Jersey's own) Ms. Marvel!
Kamala Khan (a.k.a Ms. Marvel) is stretched too thin-literally. She's having a hard time balancing schoolwork with being a good friend, being there for her family, becoming the best fanfic writer this side of the Hudson River ... and, you know, becoming a Super Hero. She's tired and just barely keeping control, BUT she's handling it. Totally.

But when a mysterious robot tries to infiltrate Avengers Tower, it'll be up to Ms. Marvel to (again, literally) pull herself together, learn to ask for help, and fix the mess she's made before anyone gets hurt!


*Review Contributed by Lillian McCurry, Indie Co-Manager and Staff Reviewer*

Learning Your Limits
Ms. Marvel: Stretched Thin by Nadia Shammas is a middle-grade graphic novel featuring New Jersey's newest teen superhero. Kamala Khan, aka Ms. Marvel, is struggling to adjust to her new life as a superhero. Balancing school, family, friends, and training with the Avengers, Kamala is exhausted and feels as though she is letting everyone down. Is she really cut out for all this superhero stuff if she can't even keep up with her young nephew?

I really appreciated the introduction to this new character. I loved seeing her balance normal life with being a superhero. Middle schoolers will identify with Kamala's struggle as they move from elementary school to middle school and even to highschool with new responsibilities and more expected of them. Kamala's own hesitancy to ask for help when she needs, shutting out her family and trying to be the hero she thinks everyone expects of her really shines a light on working as a team and relying on those you love and that love you.

The illustrations and panels are exactly what I've come to expect from anything with Marvel's name attached. It's eye-catching with an easy to read typeface. Readers of all ages will enjoy it.

Final Thought: Ms Marvel: Stretched Thin shows the importance of working as team and knowing your own limits. Middle grade readers who are adjusting to new responsibilities will especially identify with Kamala and her own struggles throughout the book.


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