Middle Grade Review: Carlton Crumple Creature Catcher 3: Reptoids from Space (David Fremont)


About This Book:

An out-of-this-world new adventure in a very funny graphic novel series that combines fast food, monsters, and battle! Fans of Lunch Lady and Dog Man will gobble this down.

When Carlton catches a UFO on camera, he kicks into full-on Creature Catcher mode. Sick of hearing about Carlton's heroics, his brother Milt stages an alien invasion using a remote-controlled drone disguised as a spaceship. And Carlton falls for it.

Iggy and Poof Poof think the ship's cool, so they borrow it to stage a fake alien battle. But a real UFO full of Reptoids spots the showdown and, seeing it as a threat, swoops in and abducts Iggy and Poof Poof!

Panicked, Lulu calls the Creature Catcher emergency line. Her creatures have been captured! Now it's up to Carlton to stage a rescue, and save the day!

Bold artwork and otherworldly antics combine in the third installment in the Carlton Crumple Creatuture Catcher series. Middle grade graphic novel readers, including fans of series like Lunch Lady and Dog Man, will eat this up.



*Review Contributed by, Lillian McCurry, Indie Co-Manager & Staff Reviewer*

An Out of This World Adventure
Reptoids From Space by David Fremont is an out-of-this-world adventure sure to please kids who enjoy the humor and action of Dogman and Captain Underpants. Following Carlton Crumple, the story begins when a toy UFO is mistaken for the real thing. Carlton hastily chases the toy drone causing a bit of mayhem and leaving destruction in his wake. In the process, the toy drone catches the attention of real aliens who accidentally capture the toy and a few beloved house pets. It's up to Carlton Crumple Creature Catcher to save the day.

I found myself pleasantly surprised by this short graphic novel. The humor and action will keep children entertained, but I found that I liked how it was divided into chapters, making it less intimidating for newly independent readers and giving them well defined stopping points. The illustrations are colorful and remind me a lot of Dav Pilkey and Aaron Blaby which is sure to be a hit with fans of theirs. While this is the third book of the series, it can easily be read as a standalone. I haven't read the previous books and did not feel lost or that I needed more explanation on the different characters. Overall, I highly recommend Reptoids From Space for the graphic novel fans in your life.

Final Thoughts: Reptoids From Space delivers an action packed, out of this world adventure with colorful graphics and easy to read language.

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