Middle Grade Review: Lights, Camera, Danger (Alien Superstar #2) (Henry Winkler & Lin Oliver)


About This Book:

Emmy Award winner Henry Winker and Lin Oliver are back for the second installment of the New York Times bestselling middle grade series that Diary of a Wimpy Kid author Jeff Kinney calls “truly out of this world!”

After escaping his oppressive red dwarf planet and landing a role on a popular Hollywood sitcom, Buddy Burger seems destined for high-flying success. His legions of fans love his six eyes, his suction cup feet, and even his excessive need for avocados. It seems nothing can stop his rise to super-stardom—until the arrival of Citizen Cruel, a shape-shifting Squadron member sent from Buddy’s home planet to bring him back by any means necessary. Will Buddy conquer this clever and unpredictable enemy? How long can he continue to keep his alien identity secret from his friends and fans? Is there enough guacamole on Earth to sustain him? And chips to go with it? Action-packed and full of laughs, this is the second book in the exciting New York Times bestselling middle grade series.


*Review Contributed by Lillian McCurry, Indie Co-Manager & Staff Reviewer*

Out of this World Laughs and Adventure
Buddy Burger is back in the second installment of Alien Superstar, "Lights, Camera, Danger!" by Henry Winkler and Lin Oliver. A rising Hollywood star, Buddy is learning to balance his new life on planet Earth all while continuing to hide his true identity. But can that continue with the arrival of Citizen Cruel, a shape-shifting Squadron member from his home planet?

I thoroughly enjoyed this book! From start to finish, the humor and action kept me entertained. My ten year old devoured it with me (we listened to the first book which is narrated by Winkler before reading this one), loving Buddy's attempts to hide who he really is. This one has more action than the last with the arrival of another alien which helps to drive the plot. Buddy's naivete when it comes to human customs and colloquialisms add humor and levity. Fun illustrations interspersed throughout the story add to that humor.

Final Thoughts: Lights, Camera, Danger! is a humorous tale of adventure and adapting to what life throws your way, sure to entertain and delight kids of all ages.

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