Middle Grade Review: City of Thieves (Battle Dragons #1) (Alex London)


About This Book:

In a modern mega-city built around dragons, one boy gets caught up in the world of underground dragon battles and a high-stakes gang war that could tear his family apart.
Once, dragons nearly drove themselves to extinction. But in the city of Drakopolis, humans domesticated them centuries ago. Now dragons haul the city’s cargo, taxi its bustling people between skyscrapers, and advertise its wares in bright, neon displays. Most famously of all, the dragons battle. Different breeds take to the skies in nighttime bouts between the infamous kins―criminal gangs who rule through violence and intimidation.

Abel has always loved dragons, but after a disastrous showing in his dragon rider’s exam, he's destined never to fly one himself. All that changes the night his sister appears at his window, entrusting him with a secret...and a stolen dragon.

Turns out, his big sister is a dragon thief! Too bad his older brother is a rising star in Drakopolis law enforcement...

To protect his friends and his family, Abel must partner with the stolen beast, riding in kin battles and keeping more secrets than a dragon has scales.


*Review Contributed by Stephanie Augustine, Staff Reviewer*

City of Thieves by Alex London
Dragons. Dragons. Dragons. Oh, and more dragons? Listen, if you don’t like dragons then don’t even bother with this books. But. If you are like me and love dragons, then read this book as soon as you can! I honestly loved this book so much and it was for so many different reasons. This is a Middle Grade book but it is so entertaining for any age group. However, it is perfect for the project audience. There are literally dragons everywhere in this book and I am so jealous that I don’t live in Drakopolis. Okay… maybe I take that back. This book is full of politics but in such a way that it doesn’t take away from the enjoyment from the book. There are Kins that control each area of Drakopolis and then there is the Dragon Guard, who is technically the law. All of them, are bad though. After events that Abel cannot control, he becomes entangled in all three. The best part about it? He gets to befriend and ride a freaking amazing dragon! Honestly, I’m a little jealous. But this book flows so nicely and it was such a fun read. There is nothing confusing or slow about this book and I’m definitely going to be buying it for my nephews because it was just so much fun. I am so excited that this is going to be a series and I cannot wait for the next installment.

Abel was an amazing main character. In the beginning, it is clear he doesn’t have a lot of self confidence. With two older siblings who passed their exams but chose different paths, Abel did not. Secretly, he is glad though. But everything changes when his sister gives him a comic book that contains a top secret. That secret? A dragon. And that dragon bonds to Abel (again, jealous). Abel recruits his best friend Roa and after Roa drops a big secret on Abel, a lot of events unfold. Instructor Ally, who is a bad-A by the way, teaches Abel how to fly the dragon to get ready for some kin battles. I don’t want to go into too much detail because it will give a lot away, but it’s all pretty epic. Abel’s character develops so much in this book and it was great to see him from this unsecure boy to someone who isn’t afraid to stand up to the kinners for his family and his new dragon.

Overall, City of Thieves by Alex London was seriously a fantastic book. I had so much fun reading it and I can’t wait for everyone else to read it as well. If you like dragons then this is definitely a book for you as it is full of dragons in almost every way you can possibly imagine. It definitely has some politics in the book as well but it is never exhausted to the point where it takes away from the story. It is, however, very crucial for the events that take place. Abel was a great main character and I really enjoyed the development he went through. I cannot wait to continue his journey and see what happens next. Even though this book is meant for Middle Grade, I highly would recommend it to anyone who wants a fun, fast read that includes all things dragons, races, and Kin grudges.

When everyone wants him fighting on their side, can Abel figure out what's worth fighting for?


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