Meet Our Editors: Jen Fisher

There are several official Editors (staff reviewers or Review Ninjas, if you will) at YA Books Central, and they all have their own taste in books. While one might give a certain book 5 stars, another might only give it 3. We like that kind of diversity here, because we know every reader is different. Every reader's opinion is valid.

But we also know it's helpful to read reviews by those who share your same interests, especially when you're looking for recommendations.

So which YABC Editor has your taste in books? Find out in this new blog series, Meet Our Editors! Each month, I'll be spotlighting one of our editors. When you find one that shares your same taste in books, movies, TV, even food, then make sure to check out the books that editor has reviewed favorably. 

See how it works? Great! 


First up, I did a Fast Faves interview with Kim Baccellia, who has been with YABC the longest. 

Second was a Fast Faves interview with our newest editor, Christina Franke

Then we did a Fast Faves interview with CJ Redwine

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This month's Editor is Jen Fisher, known in the Interwebs World as @cupcakegirly. She's a self-professed book nerd and loves to "push" her favorite books onto unsuspecting browsers in the book store. If you happen to see a tall blonde with pink streaks headed your way in the YA section, don't run. She'll have some great recommendations for you, I promise!

I "met" Jen when I did an open call for new YABC Editors a few years ago. I loved her enthusiasm for young adult literature and her unique and hilarious turns of phrase in her reviews. She also breaks out into song in some of her reviews, which is always highly entertaining. If I could pay her to be our YABC One-Woman-Street-Team, I would. I'd send her all over the US to book signings and conferences and panels, and let her do what comes naturally: promoting authors she loves (and baking them cupcakes). 

I'm so glad to have Jen on the YABC Team, and I hope she stays on for a long time to come!


Jen, tell us a little about yourself.
I'm Jen and really, the most exciting thing about me is my pink hair. I'm a wife to a great guy who collects tattoos the way I collect books, and a Mom of two boys who I homeschool. (No, we don't all dress alike. That would be super weird considering I'm the only girl.) When I'm not reading/reviewing/blogging, I can be found baking cupcakes for my side business, Jenuine Cupcakes (also the name of my blog). I love music, and while I'm completely tone deaf, I do have the habit of dancing whenever the itch strikes much to the entertainment (and sometimes horror) of those around me. I hate spiders and clowns, but I am deathly afraid of owls. (I had a traumatic experience as a kid).   

Which types of books are your favorites to read/review?
Books that stay with me long after the story ends are my favorite to read. I'm also a HUGE fan of books with kissing. 

Which types of books do you hate to read?
I don't enjoy reading horror or books that make my brain hurt from having to think too hard about what's going on in the story.   

What do you think about writing negative reviews?
My own personal reviewing golden rule is, "Review Unto Others As You Would Have Them Review Unto You".  

Why are reviews important to share online?
It's nice to have an idea about what to expect before diving into a new book, and having someone else's thoughts can be helpful because no two people read any one book the same way.

Now it's time for Fast Faves with Jen! 


~ Movies ~
Most loved –  It's A Wonderful Life
Most hated – Poltergeist (Clowns *shudders*)
Haven’t seen, but probably should – Charade ;)
Can recite by heart – High School Musical (dance moves included) 
Wish more people had seen it – The Hurt Locker
~ Books From Childhood ~
Most loved –  Charlotte's Web
Most hated – The Red Pony 
Haven’t read, but probably should – Pride and Prejudice 
Can remember where you were when you first read it – The Chronicles of Narnia in the 4th grade. I wanted a wardrobe that would take me into a land with talking animals.
Wish more people had read it – The Swiss Family Robinson 
~ Foods ~
Most loved - The corner piece of a bakery fresh vanilla cake with buttercream frosting. (I've been known to take out old ladies and small children to get to this piece.)
Most hated – Meatloaf
Haven’t eaten, but probably should – Sushi
Would eat anytime, anywhere – Cupcakes
Best fuel for writing – Anything that I can shovel in my mouth without making a mess on my keyboard. 
~ TV Shows ~
Most loved – Friends
Most hated – SpongeBob Squarepants   
Haven’t watched, but probably should –  Downtown Abbey, Doctor Who
Can remember where you were when you saw it – Friends premiered when I was in college. I remember thinking, "This is gonna be big." 
Wish more people had seen it – My So Called Life. Jared Leto...need I say more? 
~ Items in Your Closet ~
Most loved – Zebra print ballet flats  
Most hated – The clothes that don't fit.
Haven’t worn in forever, probably should throw it out – My riding breeches. I haven't needed them in over 8 years and honestly, I'm not even sure they still fit. 
Wish you’d never thrown them out – Hot pink purse. 
Why do I have so many – Graphic T's
~ Life ~
Best moment/memory - I should say my wedding or the birth of my kids, but since all of these are bookish in nature, I'm gonna go with, seeing my quote in the front of Jennifer L. Armentrout's, "Deity".  That was pretty stellar, especially since my 11th grade English teacher told me I would never write anything worth reading. 
Worst/most embarrassing moment - There are so very many of these... I met Dan Krokos (False Memory) recently and I'd already interviewed him for my blog and shared numerous tweets so I wasn't nervous (ok, so maybe a little). The trip to the bookstore did not go as I'd hoped or planned and by the time I finally came face to face with Dan, the first words out of my mouth were, "I have frosting on my hands."  Talk about a KILL ME NOW moment but thankfully, he was a good sport about it. 
Haven't accomplished yet, but one day I'll - Have a slumber party with Mandy, Claire, and Jillian, my fellow YABC Editors.
Childhood toy you'll never get rid of - My Christmas angel doll thingy.  She plays "Angels We Have Heard On High" when you wind her base up but she's so old, it takes her HOURS to make one full rotation.
Wish I had more time for this guilty pleasure - Horseback riding
To read Jen's book reviews and see her favorite books list, check out her profile here.

Tweet Jen: @cupcakegirly 


So? How much do you have in common with Jen? Let us know in the comments. And stay tuned next month for another editor interview!



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