About This Book:

The Big Red Dog is hitting the big screen! It's a race through NYC in this graphic novel based on the new live-action Clifford movie.
Emily Elizabeth is struggling to fit in at home and in school when she meets Clifford, a tiny red puppy who is destined to become her best friend. But when Clifford undergoes a magical growth spurt overnight, he attracts the attention of a genetics company looking for a way to supersize animals.

With the help of her Uncle Casey, the people in her neighborhood, and some new friends made along the way, Emily Elizabeth and Clifford have to go on the run across New York City!

This graphic novel adaptation will feature original illustrations and exclusive new scenes and stories not seen in the movie.


*Review Contributed by Olivia Farr, Staff Reviewer*

action-packed and fun graphic novel about Clifford
CLIFFORD THE BIG RED DOG: THE MOVIE GRAPHIC NOVEL is an exciting graphic novel that brings the new story of Clifford to life for middle grade readers. Containing some new scenes and images, this book tells the story of Clifford, who was lost and alone until he found his way to Emily Elizabeth. Emily Elizabeth is at a private school and feeling all alone - she is made fun of for being on scholarship with other children calling her "Food Stamps." Her mother has to travel for work on her birthday, and her father, who divorced her mother and now lives in Canada, is supposed to visit, though he's less than reliable.

Her Uncle Casey, who is watching her while her mother is out of town, is maybe not super-responsible, and he's not sure how to handle the puppy that shows up, much less when it grows to be ten feet tall overnight. As they navigate owning a pup that size, an evil company takes an interest in Clifford as well and tries to get their hands on him.

What I loved: This was an action-packed book with really fantastic illustrations. The graphic novel is put together beautifully, with most of the story told through the images and speech bubbles. It is really easy to follow and great for a middle grade audience, who will appreciate the ease of reading and vivid illustrations. The story has some lessons about feeling different, friendship, and minor lessons about socioeconomic disparity. The villain was just the right amount of scary and ridiculous to keep the plot moving forward, and I loved the way the community ultimately came together to help Emily Elizabeth and Clifford. This book would be great for fans of the movie or those who just love a great dog story.

Final verdict: An action-filled and fun graphic novel, CLIFFORD THE BIG RED DOG: THE MOVIE GRAPHIC NOVEL is a great read about friendship, feeling different, and all the joy of owning a very large and conspicuous puppy! Highly recommend for Clifford fans in the middle grade age range.

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