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About this Book:

A little evergreen tree learns that self-acceptance and being yourself never goes out of season in this irresistible picture book that’s perfect for fans of Jory John and Pete Oswald’s The Cool Bean and Michael Hall’s Red.

One spring, a pine tree named Everly sprouts in the woods where everyone is green. Fitting in feels great for Everly. But, uh-oh, one day all of the other trees begin to change—their greens turn to bright yellows and reds.

Everly wants to change just like her friends, but . . . what’s an evergreen to do? With the help of her friends, Everly soon realizes she is perfect just the way she is and starts to glow in her own special way.

Readers will be inspired as Everly’s confidence grows in this heartwarming story perfect for every season.


*Review Contributed by Olivia Farr, Staff Reviewer*

Charming Picture book about being different
ALWAYS EVERLY is a sweet picture book about feeling different and embracing what makes you unique. Everly is a small tree at the edge of the woods, where she grows and quickly makes friends. As fall begins, the other trees start to change colors - but not Everly. Everly is very aware of how her leaves aren't changing colors like everyone else, and she longs to be like them. However, no matter what she tries, she is not able to get her leaves to change. When she finally expresses her displeasure, her friends are quick to reassure her that not having her leaves change is what makes her so special and how much they love her, resulting in an Everly that is happy to be different and shine in her own special way.

What I loved: This is a sweet book that not only addresses the beauty of being different but also has a bit about different types of trees. Children can learn about both (with some extra help from adults to teach them about evergreen trees). The kindness of the other trees and Everly's own fears will resonate with young readers who have probably felt different before. Understanding how to embrace their own and others' differences is what makes everyone shine!

With simple and short phrasing, this is a book that works well for toddlers and preschoolers. The pages turn quickly. With plenty of color and cute trees, this will definitely inspire an interest in nature around as children seek out Everly in their own backyard. The illustrations are cartoonish and adorable, and the little girl and dog who make appearances throughout add to the fun of the story - perfect for fall!

Final verdict: A sweet story about embracing your differences and kindness, EVERLY is a picture book read that is sure to charm young readers. Highly recommend picking this one up during the fall!

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