About This Book:

Take flight in this heartwarming story about a boy who learns to be true to himself at school while following his love of nature.

Nico was new, and nervous about going to school. Everyone knew what to do and where to go, but Nico felt a little lost.

So, he did what he loved to do:
Watched the insects
Sat in the grass
And most importantly... befriended the birds.

Before he knew it, Nico was known as BIRD BOY. But Nico didn't mind. Soon, he made one friend, then two, as the other kids learned to appreciate Nico for who he was. Before long, Nico learned he could be completely, delighfully, himself. This dreamy story will encourage all readers to express who they are unapologetically.


*Review Contributed by Olivia Farr, Staff Reviewer*

lovely picture about embracing yourself as you are
BIRD BOY is a sweet picture book about being yourself and embracing your differences. Nico is the new kid in school, and although he feels left out, he finds his own things to do at recess, including attracting the birds. Soon, the other children call him Bird Boy, but birds are so cool that he is happy to own it. Recognizing his kindness, he soon makes friends who love him just as he is.

What I love: This is a simple and elegant picture book that demonstrates the power of embracing yourself and owning your own differences. Nico could feel left out or be bothered by the other children teasing him, but instead, he thinks about all the amazing birds and stays true to himself. Before he knows it, he has made some new friends who embrace him as he is. With imaginative imagery and diverse characters, this is a lovely and encouraging picture book for children who may feel left out or different. The poetic language and sketch-like images will spark imaginations and hopefully encourage children to love themselves and find their true friends.

Final verdict: A heartfelt and encouraging picture book, BIRD BOY is the story of owning your differences and embracing who you are.

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