Kids Review: Good Night, Toucan! (Joanne Partis)


About This Book:

This sweet and funny bedtime book explores how friendship is more important than material items.

Toucan is having a sleepover for all of his friends, and he's so excited! But his friends are even MORE excited, and they are sure it's going to be the BEST SLEEPOVER EVER. Poor Toucan is worried that he won't be able to make his sleepover special. So he sets off into the forest to find the YUMMIEST berries, the SOFTEST blankets, and the BIGGEST flowers. But on his way back to his house, disaster strikes, and Toucan loses all of the treasures he collected. Is the sleepover ruined?


*Review Contributed by Olivia Farr, Staff Reviewer*

Sweet picture book about friendship
GOOD NIGHT, TOUCAN! is a cute picture book about friendship, the value of simplicity, and not over-thinking. Toucan is throwing a party for his friends, and they are so excited that they declare it is going to be the best party ever. Suddenly, all the things Toucan has planned don't seem like they will be good enough, so he goes out to find new ones to meet his friends' expectations. He finds what he needs, but it is too much, and he ends up losing them on the way back. However, his friends reassure him that all they need to have the best party ever is him, their good friend!

What I loved: This was a really sweet story about friendship and the valuable commodity of time spent together rather than fancy things. Toucan was really sweet and expends a lot of energy finding the perfect things - and, in the end, it does not go as planned. Despite the setbacks, things ultimately turn out well. These lessons about friendship and making mistakes will resonate with young readers. The illustrations are really lovely with plenty of color and details that will keep children's attention. The writing also flows nicely and is easy to read aloud. The story and length will work well for preschool and elementary school aged readers.

Final verdict: A fun story about friendship and the value of spending time together, GOOD NIGHT, TOUCAN! is a sweet read that will delight picture book readers.

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