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Today we're super excited to celebrate the cover reveal for TITANIC SUMMER by Russell J. Sanders, releasing March 6, 2018, from Harmony Ink Press. Before we get to the cover, here's a note from Russell: 

Howdy from Texas! I’m Russell J. Sanders, and my newest novel is Titanic Summer. My mind works in crazy ways. I love the ship that was hit by the iceberg, the Titanic. I devour everything I can read about it, and I’ve seen the Titanic movies over and over. I’ve gone to three different Titanic exhibits, but the most amazing was the one in Halifax, Nova Scotia. So I thought I should somehow put a trip to Halifax in a novel. Then my town here, Houston, in the summer of 2015 got all hot and bothered about an Equal Rights Ordinance. It seems many folks thought if they gave equal rights to gays—not to mention women, soldiers, and people of color—then they would be giving equal rights to transgenders. In the twisted minds of many, that would mean men would dress as women just so they could go into women’s bathrooms to molest little girls. If that sounds as insane to you as it did to me, then we’re on the same wavelength. So—how did I manage to put the Titanic and the fight for the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance both in the same novel, two events that happened over a hundred years apart? Well, I hope you’ll read Titanic Summer, if only to see how I did it. Oh, and I have a passion for Tex-Mex food, so Mexican food plays a big part in this novel, as well. Titanic, Equal Rights, Tex-Mex…what more could anyone want?


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By: Russell J. Sanders

Publisher: Harmony Ink Press

Release Date: March 6, 2018

ISBN: 978-1640801851

About the Book

It’s a summer of revelations for Houston high schooler Jake Hardy. Along with his estranged father, Jake embarks on a trip to Nova Scotia to visit the Titanic museum and the cemetery where the victims are interred. There, Jake’s father’s biggest secrets are revealed. Hurt and confused, Jake flees—not only from his father’s confession, but from his own feelings.


Jake is gay.


Back home, the proposed Equal Rights Ordinance is polarizing people. As Jake faces a difficult choice about where he stands—and how far he’s willing to go for his beliefs—he soon discovers that he’s not the only one in hiding. When confronted with how his actions have hurt those he cares about, purposefully or not, Jake must learn to accept his friends, his father… and himself.

Youtube trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tVqWvlOP-PQ&feature=youtu.be
About the Author

Russell J. Sanders is a man on a quest. In his travels all over the world, he searches out Mexican restaurants. A life-long Texan, raised on Tex-Mex, he wants to try the enchiladas and other delicacies that pass for Mexican food in the far reaches of the world. He has been pleasantly surprised in Tokyo and Indonesia and left wondering in Rome and a few other places. Sometimes what the menu says and what you are served is not what is expected. But the joy is in the quest.

Russell’s also on a quest to spread a very important message. Love is found in many forms in this world, and being gay or lesbian or bi-sexual or any other variation is normal, healthy, and wonderful. He wants his novels to bolster the confidence of gay teens and change the minds or educate further all the others who may stumble upon his prose.

Russell’s writing joins his long career of acting, singing, and teaching, adding to his passions for cooking and reading. He has won awards for his acting and directing and has taught theater to hundreds of teens. He has also taught additional thousands of teenagers the art of writing and the love for literature. He is always in the middle of a good story, whether reading it or writing it. And he can whip up a delicious meal in minutes. He does all this with the support of his husband, a man he has loved for over twenty years and married a few years ago. They live happily in Houston, Texas.

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