It's Live!! Cover Reveal: The Captain's Kid (Liz Coley) + Giveaway (US Only)

Hi, YABCers!

Today we're super excited to celebrate the cover reveal for The Captain's Kid, releasing October 27, 2016 from LC Teen.

Before we get to the cover, here's a note from Liz:

Hey YABC readers! Welcome to the cover reveal for my newest novel, The Captain's Kid, a hard sci-fi story with a soft heart.

This story, originally begun for my "little" boys, has been a long time coming. It grew in spiral notebooks, jotted during piano and taekwondo lessons. It matured like a ripe cheese or fermented like a fine wine while my storytelling craft progressed over the years. Now my "little" boys have moved on to graduate school. The cheese is ready to slice and the wine to sip--BYO crackers. I am thrilled to bring this tale to all of you. I invite you to the future.

Blast off into space shenanigans with teen Brandon Webb and his diverse cluster of sidekicks. Nothing is what it seems on this mission. Brandon quickly becomes a pawn in a much bigger game--all while he's trying to find peace in his broken heart, find his place in the tight world of "space brats," and maybe even find that first special someone.

All the best, from Liz Coley, reader, writer, dreamer

P.S. YABC Moms--this book is squeaky clean for your impressionable tween/teen readers.

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Here it is!


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The Captain's Kid

by Liz Coley

Release date: October 27, 2016

Publisher: LC Teen

ISBN: 978-1535187718
About the Book:
Whenever his parents went out on missions for the Space Survey Corps, Brandon Webb was left behind on Luna, left to dream of journeying between the stars, meeting aliens, defeating villains, saving the world. Now it's his turn for adventure, permitted at last by the captain, his father, to join a year-long trip to a failing colonial planet on an emergency resupply run. Or so he's told.

Brandon's former dreams turn to nightmares when the starship is sabotaged, the alien holds secrets about his past, the villain is on the right side, and the world isn’t ready to be saved.
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About the Author



Liz Coley writes stay-up-too-late stories for teens and adults.

Her award winning, internationally best-selling psychological thriller Pretty Girl-13 has been published in 12 languages on 5 continents and was recognized by the American Library Association on two select lists for 2014: Best Fiction for Young Adults and Quick Picks for Reluctant Readers.

Her independent novels include Out of Xibalba (an alternate history time travel romance), the contemporary Tor Maddox "pink thrillers" series, and The Captain's Kid (also a read-along YouTube serial on the LizColeyBooks channel). Her short fiction has appeared in Cosmos Magazine and numerous print anthologies.

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