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Today we're excited to celebrate the cover reveal for 

Shadow Frost by Coco Ma,

releasing October 2019 from Blackstone Press!




Before we get to the cover, here's a note from the authors:




I have been waiting months to reveal this next-level cover for Shadow Frost with all of you, and I’m so excited that the time has finally come!

First, a colossal thank you to artist Kathryn English for creating such a thing of beauty. During the design process, we went through a few different concepts, and I cannot tell you how grateful I am to Katy for this final cover! She promised me I’d get the cover of my dreams, and she sure as heckin’ delivered. *emotional weeping*

Now, I could tell you everything I love about this cover, but that would take forever, so I’ll just let all of you see this masterpiece for yourselves!

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ALL RIGHT! I’m going to shut up now. Here it comes!!!

Lots of love, 
Coco xx




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Shadow Frost
By: Coco Ma

Release date: October 2019

Publisher: Blackstone Press



About the Book

IN THE KINGDOM OF AXARIA, a darkness rises. 

Some call it a monster, laying waste to the villagers and their homes. 

Some say it is an invulnerable demon summoned from the deepest abysses of the Immortal Realm. 

Many soldiers from the royal guard are sent out to hunt it down. 

Not one has ever returned. 

When Asterin Faelenhart, Princess of Axaria and heir to the throne, discovers that she may hold the key to defeating the mysterious demon terrorizing her kingdom, she vows not to rest until the beast is slain. With the help of her friends and the powers she wields—though has yet to fully understand—Asterin sets out to complete a single task. The task that countless, trained soldiers have failed. 

To kill it. 

But as they hunt for the demon, they unearth a plot to assassinate the Princess herself instead. Asterin and her friends begin to wonder how much of their lives have been lies, especially when they realize that the center of the web of deceit might very well be themselves. With no one else to turn to, they are forced to decide just how much they are willing to sacrifice to protect the only world they have ever known. 

That is, of course… if the demon doesn’t get to them first. 

About the Author

Born in 2000, Coco Ma has performed as a concert pianist in prestigious concert halls around the globe. After graduating from the pre-college program at The Juilliard School in New York City, she has since begun her studies at Yale University. Despite living this double-life as an author-pianist, she is still a mostly normal young person. Her favorite pastimes include binge-watching Netflix, eating cake, petting floofy doggos, waiting for her Hogwarts letter (because it’s never too late), and slaying.





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