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Today we're excited to celebrate the cover reveal for PACIFICA by Kristen Simmons, releasing March 6, 2018, from Tor Teen. Before we get to the cover, here's a note from Kristen:

Hello YABC! My name is Kristen Simmons and I’m super excited to be able to reveal my cover here today. (HOLY COW THE BLUE, THE SKY, THE DOCK, THE GIRL, I LOVE IT SO MUCH.) If you’ve been following me online you know that this book used to be called BLOOD AND TAR, but after some pretty significant revisions there was slightly less blood and even less tar, so ta-da! I give you PACIFICA! I’m so glad the title changed too, because who wants a cover painted with blood and tar? This is SO much better. Plus, it’s by the same artist who did THE GLASS ARROW and METALTOWN, my last two standalones, and I think he’s pretty much the greatest thing since the invention of pancakes. Hope you love it!

~Kristen Simmons (PACIFICA, Tor Teen)

Ready to see?

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By: Kristen Simmons
Release date: March 6, 2018
Publisher: Tor Teen
ISBN: 9780765336637
About the Book

The critically acclaimed author of Article 5 and Metaltown brings her trademark action, romance, and frightening prescience to this tale of high seas adventure.


For too long our people have suffered, plagued by overcrowding, disease, and lack of work. We have only just survived for too long. Now we must take the next step and thrive.


A new beginning.


Blue skies. Green grass. Clear ocean water. An island paradise like the ones that existed before the Melt.


A lucky five hundred lottery winners will be the first to go, the first to leave their polluted, dilapidated homes behind and start a new life. It sounds perfect. Like a dream.


The only problem? Marin Carey spent her childhood on those seas and knows there’s no island paradise out there. She’s corsario royalty, a pirate like her father and his father before him, and she knows a con when she sees one. So where are the First Five Hundred really going?


Marin isn't the only one thinking something's not right--people are rising up, demanding answers, and promptly being silenced. When a protest gets out of control and Marin encounters the son of the president in the middle of the riots--handsome but overly trusting, and looking for answers of his own--she sees her ticket home. The ransom a president’s son would command could restore her family’s legacy. Her fellow corsarios would forgive everything she's done for that kind of money. But as she sails them across stormy, unpredictable waters, the situation becomes more complicated, and Marin must decide if her heart can handle handing over the only person who has ever seen her as more than a pirate.


About the Author

KRISTEN SIMMONS has a master's degree in social work and is an advocate for mental health. She lives with her husband, Jason, and their precious greyhound, Rudy, in Cincinnati, Ohio.


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