1. Dragon Rising: A Mulan Inspired Fantasy- M. Lynn
Sometimes a battle isn't waged on a bloody field. Sometimes it's won within the heart of one girl. Hua Minglan wants revenge for the death of her sister, and she'll do anything to get it. A war is brewing between Piao and the Kou warriors to the north, a war that has called every able-bodied man in Piao from their fields. When Hua's father is summoned to fight, she knows he won't return, most of the warriors don't. With a decision that could cost her everything, she leaves her home behind in an attempt to take her father's place training under Commander Jian Li, brother to the emperor. The commander is a harsh man, a demanding man, and one with his own desire for vengeance. Hua can't get too close. She can't befriend the man who is able to bring her deceptions tumbling to the ground. If he learns the truth about who she is, it won't only see her shunned from the army for disguising herself as a man. It will end in her execution. Hua never imagines that by joining the army, she brings a greater foe into the heart of Piao. What if the Kou are only a distraction? What if the real enemy is her? Dive into this full-length Mulan inspired fantasy. Beware of dragons, sword-wielding girls, and a slow-burn, heartbreaking romance.  
2. Within Magic- Day Leitao
Stranded across dimensions, what will they do to reach each other? 
Troubled by dreams of Sian in danger, Karina finds a new portal. But instead of going to Whyland, she breaks the defenses against a sinister ethereal city, putting Whyland—and her friends—in danger. Not only that, she ends up trapped and helpless, in a place where even her mind is not safe. 

Sian has an impossible task: defeat the gigantic Maris king. A victory doesn't mean a ticket home, though. In his struggle, he'll come across magic more powerful than he ever imagined. 

Intruders in Whyland force Cayla and Darian to the Light Gardens, where more truths and secrets are about to be revealed, and where Darian has a chance to reconnect with his brother.

Old wounds are about to be opened—and cleansed. But the process might be painful. 

Get immersed in this action-packed, emotional conclusion to Portals to Whyland, recommended for teens 13 and up. 

You'll find adventure, romance, intrigue, revelations, and magic.  
3.The Lost Legends-Cait Marie
A plague. A prophecy. A centuries-long curse. All her life, Princess Adalina heard tales of the legendary, immortal warriors known as the Nihryst. Cursed and bound to a deck of tarot cards by her ancestors, the Nihryst were stranded on a remote island nearly a century and a half earlier. Her brother, Prince Shane, is destined to rule the kingdom of Detmarya. Though preparing for this role has encompassed his entire life, control of the kingdom may come sooner than expected due to their father’s sporadic behavior. Discovering the king's plan to set a war in motion with a mass assassination, Ada unwittingly joins a crew of pirates in search of the only beings powerful enough to stop him: the Nihryst. Meanwhile, Shane and a group of underground rebels make a haunting discovery of a plague infecting the streets of Detmarya. With a looming deadline to save multiple kingdoms and thousands of innocent lives, both royal siblings join quests worthy of Ada’s beloved fairy tales.
4.Moonscript- H.S.J. Williams 
"It is said that Darkness is empty and whatever vanishes into its depths is lost forever. I know this better than anyone. For I have suffered here in the shadows, and there are none who might find me."

Seventy years. Seventy years the elven prince has been lost to the darkness, assumed dead by his people and endlessly broken for a book that connects to the hidden realm of his ancestors, a land untouched by evil.

And now a light in the shadows. A chance for freedom. But those willing to help him come from the unlikeliest of worlds.

The orphan girl, yearning for a loving family, and the boy who won't leave her side. A healer maiden given an unexpected chance for a life beyond narrowed expectations. A grieving creature flown far from home.

They all search for something and now their fates are tied to his. If their quest for life can pull him from the dark mire in which his soul drowns, then perhaps he can be saved.

Or else he will drag them all down to a fate worse than death.

The beginning of an epic saga, MOONSCRIPT is a journey of innocence, despair, and redemption. 
5.Assassin's Blade- Melinda R. Cordell
An enterprising young dragonrider sees her father kidnapped before her eyes -- so she pulls her assassin grandmother out of retirement and puts a hit out on the kidnappers to rescue him. 
6. Dark Saints Academy:The Soul Catcher- S. McPherson 
They call me the Dark Queen…

Ryleigh De La Cruz knew nothing of saints and demons, only that they walked amongst the living. That is until she’s whisked off to a magical Academy of dark angels and told that she’s one of them. The type of hero to wear her halo on her horns. But some saints are drawn towards the light whilst others tip towards the dark and Ryleigh is the darkest among them; demon born and heir to the Dim; a realm of shadows. But she doesn’t know this yet and everyone’s afraid to tell her, hoping that by hiding who she truly is, she will abandon her heritage and choose to join the light.

But Ryleigh is struggling. She doesn’t understand why the shadows gather around her, why her power shakes the earth, or why whenever the dangerously attractive and impossibly powerful Danté Ramirez looks her way, her magic responds, craving his kiss, his touch but also…his soul.

War is raging between demons and saints and soon the Academy’s students are called on for help. But Ryleigh isn’t sure she can master the might of her magic and resist the alluring temptations—the very essence of her soul—especially when she’s plunged into a world of thieves, demons, and the seven deadly sins brought to life.

But if she doesn’t find a way to rise above the shadows inside, Ryleigh, Queen of Darkness, will not only forfeit her soul, she will bring about eternal night and rent the world asunder.

And then, there’s the Soul Catcher…  
7.Half-Blood Mage- Ginger Li
A cursed dragon hunter

A half-blood mage

An attraction that threatens to light the world on fire

Seventeen-year-old Lia keeps having the same terrifying nightmare: A handsome, silver-eyed boy visits her, transforms into a dragon, and then begs for her to kill him. Lia chalks up the nightmare to an overactive imagination. Until the day Kieren, the silver-eyed boy from her dreams, arrives on her doorstep and shatters everything she’s ever believed. 

Turns out that other parallel worlds do exist. And Lia’s not your typical high school student. Her parents hail from Solair and Earth—two very different worlds—making Lia a half-blood and one of the last remaining magic-wielding mages.

As one of Solair’s dragon hunters, Kieren’s battled his fair share of monsters. But when someone curses him to become a dragon and piles of charred bodies turn up during routine hunts, Kieren realizes more dangerous creatures are lurking in the shadows.

Their quest for answers has far-reaching consequences. Will they be able to awaken Lia’s magic and stop Kieren’s curse in time? And just what will they have to sacrifice in the process?