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This week we’re interviewing JA Armitage and Rhianne Parkes from the Enchanted Quill Press and author Scarlett Kol, of the Kingdom of Fairytales Series


Welcome to YABC, JA, Scarlett and Rhianne!

Caitlin Haines: Tell us about your Kingdom of Fairytales project. Who came up with the idea and how did it grow into what it has become?

Scarlett: The original project was developed by Rhianne Parkes and JA Armitage, the lovely ladies behind The Enchanted Quill Press. They put out a call for anyone who might be interested in joining an epic – but likely insane – adventure and several authors heeded the call. The ones who remained keen after they laid out the details offered themselves up and that’s how we came together.

Rhianne: The idea was always to write and release 52 books in a year. It was something J.A had always wanted to do and having started EQP and having met so many amazing fairy tale authors through our other box sets it started looking like it could be a reality. We are keen to always try something new and different. One day, we (JA and I) were talking about what the story would be and how it would work. We spent what felt like hours going over various ideas but it always came back to fairy tales. J.A was talking to me about the TV show ‘Once Upon a Time’ and the idea just clicked. Once we had it we had a world with characters, an arc and a map within 24 hours. We had 2 huge white boards filled with all the ideas that then went into creating the character outlines and finding the right group of authors to write them.


Caitlin: How did you all decide who was going to write which fairytales, and what were your favorite fairytales growing up?

Scarlett: Character outlines were provided for each tale and we all ranked our favorites. I believe we all received one in our top three.


Caitlin: The stories happen "after the ever after." How does that work? Do the characters find new paths from what readers expect of the original tales?

Scarlett: Yes. This was the most exciting thing about this project--for me at least. Each of the characters are brand new but live in the worlds of the original fairytale stories. Some are sons or daughters, whereas, some just live or work in the kingdom. Most fairytales have similar themes to their original stories, but with entirely new adventures. This was exciting because it gave us so much room to play as authors. We really had the opportunity to make the stories our own while maintaining that familiar feel that we remember from the classics.


Caitlin: Can the books be read as standalones, or do they all need to be read in order?

Scarlett: All the books (except for the final four) can be read as four-book sets or “seasons”. Each author has a season for their specific fairytale and has four books to tell that story. Reading in order will, of course, catch the overarching story better, but readers could definitely just read the ones they want.


Caitlin: Do the stories cross over? For example, do we see characters from one fairy tale in any of the others? Will the four books for each fairytale be released in a row, or are all the fairytales going to rotate throughout the year?

Scarlett: Absolutely. The entire 52 book arc carries through each of the stories and will culminate in the final four books. Some stories have stronger links to the overall arc than others, but they all tie in somehow and often have cameos from other Kingdom of Fairytales characters. Every fairytale is released in sequence (all four in a row), so it will be easier to jump on to a particular story instead of trying to track down the rest of the books.


Caitlin: What were some challenges you faced when putting together such a large series?

J.A.: The sheer scale of the project meant that we had to run this like a machine. When a book comes in from each author, it then goes to J.A.Armitage who co-authors and makes changes. Some books have very little changes, some have had big changes. Then they go to the betas while J.A.Armitage moves on to the next book. Then after that they go to the editor and then a final check through by Enchanted Quill and off to the Arc readers. Every person always has a book to work on. Because of the scope of the series, we have very detailed files with the world building, outlines, characters etc. We have an author group and we communicate regularly with each other. We also did the covers and marketing so it’s been a massive project from the start. 

Rhianne: Considering the size of this project it has been easy. That’s all down to the amazingly talented and committed authors that are working on this set. Doing something like this is going to mean hard work from all of us for the next year. We simply wouldn’t be able to do it unless everyone committed to really getting their teeth into this project.


Caitlin: Can you tell us of a funny mishap or situation that happened while writing?

J.A.: We ran out of wine...Wait, that wasn’t funny.


Caitlin: Do any of the authors plan to expand on their characters or worlds on their own after this series?

J.A.: The characters (except the original fairytale characters) do not belong to a particular author and neither does any part of the world. Therefore if any author wants to continue their story after the series has finished, we’d have to agree.

Rhianne: Not as far as we know yet. EQP may use it again for another project they have in mind but it won’t be for a while.


Caitlin: Tell us about all the fun things we can expect from the authors of Kingdom of Fairytales this year. I heard something about a chance to win a trip to Las Vegas and $500!

J.A.: We will be having spot prizes throughout the year on our website.

we will also be having a year long read-through on our dedicated FB page

Scarlett: The grand prize is a trip to Las Vegas, two nights hotel, entrance to a book signing and dinner with a few of the Kingdom of Fairytales authors. To be honest, I kinda want to win. Would that be cheating?

Rhianne: There is a hidden ‘Easter Egg’ in each book that if answered correctly on our website, will see people gaining 100 entries into the trip to Las Vegas!


Caitlin: Give a shout out to your cover designer because your covers are so gorgeous!

Scarlett: Aw! That’s so sweet. They are actually all done by JA Armitage. She’s a one-woman force of nature.


Caitlin: how can we keep up with the authors and other fans of Kingdom of Fairytales?

J.A.: We have a bunch of different entry points for the books but you can find us on:

Instagram -

Twitter -

Website -

and our books can be found on our series page here:

Scarlett: Also don’t forget about our Youtube channel with new content posting every week.

Rhianne: And also our Patreon at:


Caitlin: For those just learning about this new world, can you give us some tips on where to start and how to jump in mid-year for those of us who might not have time to jump on board January 1st?

Scarlett: The books will always be available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited, so if you decide to start in August you can start at the beginning.

If you only like one fairytale, you can just read that one. The choice is up to you.


Caitlin: And last but not least, who are all the authors involved in Kingdom of Fairytales?

Scarlett: We have an amazing list of authors: JA Armitage, Audrey Rich, B. Kristin McMichael, Emma Savant, Jennifer Ellision, myself (Scarlett Kol), R. Castro, Margo Ryerkerk, Zara Quentin, Laura Greenwood, and Anne Stryker. It’s a pretty fabulous group!



Meet JA


J.A lives in a total fantasy world (because reality is boring right?) When she's not writing all the crazy fun in her head, she can be found eating cake, designing pretty pictures and hanging upside down from the tallest climbing frame in the local playground while her children look on in embarrassment. She's travelled the world working as everything from a banana picker in Australia to a Pantomime clown, has climbed to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro and the bottom of the Grand Canyon and once gave birth to a surrogate baby for a friend of hers. 

She spends way too much time gossiping on facebook and if you want to be part of her Reading Army, where you'll get lots of freebies, exclusive sneak peeks and super secret sales, join up here

Somehow she finds time to write.


Meet Scarlett


Scarlett Kol is the best-selling author of dystopian, paranormal and fantasy novels for young adults. Born and raised in Northern Manitoba, she grew up reading books and writing stories about creatures that make you want to sleep with the lights on. As an adult, she's still a little afraid of the dark. Keep up with Scarlett by joining the Scarlett’s Rebel Readers newsletter



What happened after the happily ever after?

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One winner will receive a paperback edition of Queen of Dragons 

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