How to Be Brave--E. Katherine Kottaras Guest Post


Life is full of risk. More often than not, we are forced to face our fears unwillingly, like the dark fears of pain, illness, and death. But sometimes we get to leap out of our comfort zone and choose to try new things, learning more about ourselves, and becoming stronger as a result.


Here are a few brave things I've done:





1.) Flown down the largest zip­line in the continental U.S. despite my fear of heights (and

gave my eight-­year-old permission to do so as well.)









2.) Paddle­boarded during high­wind season in Hawaii (while my SUP teacher told me REAL stories of tourists lost at sea.)







3.) Fallen in love (and stayed there for more than twenty years.)









4.) Stood up for what I knew was right in the face of skepticism and criticism (both from others and from the critic within.)








5. Become a writer. (I tell my students everyday: it's the scariest thing in the world!)







There are many ways to be brave! E. Katherine Kottaras wants to know how you are brave! 


Share your own act of courage, whether it be physical, expressive, or interpersonal.

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We'd like to thank E. Katherine Kottaras for sharing her brave moments! And here is another BIG thanks for the following giveaway of How to Be Brave!








How to Be Brave

  1. By: E. Katherine Kottaras

  2. About: Georgia has always lived life on the sidelines: uncomfortable with her weight, awkward, never been kissed, terrified of failing.

    Then her mom dies and her world is turned upside down. But instead of getting lost in her pain, she decides to enjoy life while she still can by truly living for the first time. She makes a list of ways to be brave-­all the things she's always wanted to do but has been too afraid to try: learn to draw, try out for cheerleading, cut class, ask him out, kiss him, see what happens from there. But she's about to discover that life doesn't always go according to plan. Sometimes friendships fall apart and love breaks your heart. But in the process, you realize you're stronger than you ever imagined….


    This fearless, big-­hearted, deeply moving book will make you laugh, cry, and inspire you to be brave.


  4. Release Date: November 3, 2015 






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E. Katherine Kottaras is at her happiest when she is either 1) at the playground with her husband and daughter and their wonderful community of friends, 2) breathing deeply in a full handstand, or 3) writing. She now lives in Los Angeles where she's hard at work on her next book.