For over the past 10 years, books featuring mental health have become more popular. This is a good thing. It informs people about the dangers of it also caused the topic to be more spoken about. I’ve made a list of 10 YA books from the past 10 years that shows how variated this topic is. Enjoy!

It’s Kind of a Funny Story 

by Ned Vizzini

Release date: 2006
About: A boy who wants to commit suicide admits himself to a hospital where he will be treated for his depression in a ward with other patients that suffer from various kinds of mental diseases.
Movie/tv-show: Yes, on Netflix.

Thirteen Reasons Why

by Jay Asher

Release date: 2008
About: Clay finds a stack of tapes from Hannah who’s commited suicide. The tapes feature the thirteen reasons of why she commited suicide. Clay listens to all the tapes and finds out what caused Hannah to do what she did.
Movie/tv-show: Yes, on Netflix.


by Laurie Halse Anderson

Release date: 2009
About: Lia and Cassie were best friends, bonded by their eating disorders. And then Cassie died. Now Lia has to face the consequences while she spins further into the dark depths of her anorexia.
Movie/tv-show: No.

The Unlikely Hero of Room 13B

by Teresa Toten

Release date: 2012
About: Adam has OCD and when he meets Robyn at a supportgroup for kids suffering from the same disease, he instantly falls in love. He’s determined to protect her, but how can he have a normal relationship with his problematic life?
Movie/tv-show: No.

Every Last Word

by Tamara Ireland Stone

Release date: 2015
About: Samantha may look normal, but the dark thoughts she can’t escape from in her mind are caused by her Purely-Obsessional OCD. Her everyday life is a struggle, until she meets Caroline. But when things unfold, Samantha starts questioning her sanity.
Movie/tv-show: No.


by Meg Haston

Release date: 2015
About: Stevie is trapped in and eating-disorder treatment center. She’s watched every minute and has to stay there for at least 60 days: but Stevie is not planning in staying there that long. In 27 days it’s the anniversary of her brother Josh’s death she caused, and in 27 days she’s planning to end her life as well.
Movie/tv-show: No.

My Heart and Other Black Holes

by Jasmine Warga

Release date: 2015
About: Aysel, a 16-years-old physics nerd, is obsessed with plotting her own death. She’s just not sure she can do it on her own. Through a website she meets Roman and together they form a suicide partnership. Aysel start to question whether this is what she wants, but what about Roman?
Movie/tv-show: No.

Girl in Pieces

by Kathleen Glasgow

Release date: 2016
About: Charlotte is in pieces. She’s lost everything: her father, her best friend and in some ways even her own mother. The only way to stop the pain is the broken glass. Every new scar makes her feel calm, but how will she every find her way back from the egde?
Movie/tv-show: No.

The Weight of Zero

by Karen Fortunati

Release date: 2016
About: Cath is being haunted by Zero. Zero, the devastating depression born of her bipolar disorder. It had almost triumphed once, when she had her first suicide attempt. She’s preparing to kill herself next time Zero arrives. But there might still be hope for her when unexpected relationships and a new psychiatrist alter her perception of her disease.
Movie/tv-show: No.

A List of Cages

by Robin Roe

Release date: 2017
About: Adam is succesful and popular at school and can now aide the school psyhologist. It does mean he has to sit around a lot, which is very hard for him since he has ADHD. When he gets the assignment of finding a troubled freshment who keeps dodging the psychologist, he finds out it’s his long lost foster brother Julian. But the secrets Julian is hiding, are more dangerous than Adam could’ve imagined.
Movie/tv-show: No.


*This post was contributed by Nanouk, Staff Reviewer.


Nanouk is a 22-year old booklover from the Netherlands. She's an intern at HarperCollins Holland, has her own blog and has been reviewing books for YABC since 2014. She has a bookbuying problem and needs a bigger appartement because of it. Nanouk's favorite books are books she can cry about.