~Guest Post ~


**Provided by Jillian Robinson from BeTWEEN The Bookends**


I've learned lots of things as a teen entrepreneur. Some of the top things I've learned are :

- it's taught me how to budget money

- I've learned how to brainstorm ideas better 

- I've learned how to physically pack boxes in a neat and timely manner

- it's taught me how to have better time management, especially once school started back up. 

- I've also really learned a lot about my future. Having a business while I'm still in Middle School has made me realize that I want to attend business school, and make a career out of this. 

I decided to start this business because I needed something to do over quarantine. I love to read, and when schools and libraries closed, I was worried kids would lose interest in reading. I decided to create a Subscription box that would not only be fun for them to receive , but also would keep them interested in reading. 

 Picking books and items for the monthly box is really fun! First, I think of a theme, and then I start searching for books. I read the synopsis of a book online. If it fits the theme, then I purchase it for the box. I then read the book before it makes the final cut. Then I move on to the items. I like including small shops, so I browse Etsy and similar sites online to find items that suit the theme. Lastly, I look on wholesale sites to buy some extra goodies for the box. 





~ About Jillian ~

Jillian, a 13 year old 8th grader and avid reader, created beTWEEN the Bookends in hope to keep kids interested in reading for fun! "We all know how to read, but how many of us do it when we don't have to? I hope my box will give kids a reason to pick up a new book for pleasure, while also giving them some fun stationery, beauty, and lifestyle items as well!” Not only has Jillian created the box, but she reads every book and tests every product before they make the cut! All boxes are "Jillian approved”!


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Age Group: Girls ages 9-13


The giveaway includes one October Subscription Box (Only available to ship within U.S.)

Included: "Order of the Majestic", "Worth a Thousand Words", rainbow soap , an ice cream scoop bath fizzer, bath salts/solid sugar scrub , a rainbow eraser, smiley face memo, rainbow art tin, color changing tattoos, a mermaid notepad/keychain, neon colored pencils, washi tape, and buildable erasers!!



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