Giveaway: What Lifts You by Kelsey Montague


What Lifts You
by Kelsey Montague
Release Date: February 23, 2016
Publisher: Harlequin


About the Book

Step into the world of Kelsey Montague in this coloring book...

Famed for blending street art and social media, Kelsey Montague creates wild and whimsical large­scale murals that beg passersby to step into them, become part of the art and share it with the world with #whatliftsyou.

Now Kelsey's exquisite works are at your fingertips—to entice and engage you with their beauty and positivity. Printed on luxe paper, these are intricate and inspiring images you'll want to linger over and lavish color upon. You'll want to cut them out, frame them, create one­of­a­kind decor from them. Each illustration in this coloring book is designed to remind you to consider what inspires you and to always keep the answers close to your heart. 


About the Author

KELSEY MONTAGUE is an international street artist who believes that art should not be separated from the human experience, but that the human experience should have a hand in creating art itself. 

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Two winners will receive a copy of the coloring book.

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