About This Book:

The life of a Guardian is a dangerous one, and with everything Celeste has lost in the past year, will she find the strength to continue on? Battling the growing evil inside her proved to be Celeste Wilder’s most formidable challenge—and the fight isn’t over yet. As her Guardian skills continue to strengthen and tangle with the power of the Albsurori ring, new and old enemies emerge to conspire against her and the Constantin brothers alike. When news breaks about an attempt to free Brazen, the rogue Alpha, Celeste must rely on unlikely allies, causing her to question the loyalties of everyone around her. With Alek looming continuously in the background and Brazen’s foreboding final words to her, there seems to be no end in sight to the struggle. To top it all off, Roman has always remained by her side, but the discovery of another Wilder family secret may threaten their future forever.


*Review Contributed By Michelle Lynn, Staff Reviewer*

Fantastic Finale

A beautiful book inside and out. Wilder Legacy rounds out the Guardian series as the best of the bunch - from cover to story.

There is a popular quote that fits well with this book. "You were given this life because you are strong enough to live it." 

In the first book of the series, Celeste is no more than a teenage girl. A teenage girl who is suddenly thrust into a dangerous life that frankly looked like too much for her. She had to grow into it. This story answers why she was chosen, why her family was chosen. Because they are the ones who can handle it. She can handle it. 

Celeste is at it again, this time fighting things from all sides and even inside herself. She's dealt with the evil that lurks within her, but it is still a struggle to keep it from coming out and consuming her life. Add to that our evil werewolf from previous books and his allies, a brother still set on revenge, a scheming Italian man, and a witch striving for power - you've got yourself a book. This story has layers upon layers of things happening that all somehow are interconnected. It's like a bunch of story-lines melded into one in an exciting fashion. 

Ms. Derosa has once again impressed me, entertained me, and made me want more. She can count me as a fan.


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