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She wants the truth... or does she?

They say nothing interesting ever happens in Bell, Mississippi, but this summer, that’s all changed. Sixteen-year-old Lauren’s district attorney mother is prosecuting the biggest murder trial of her career, a case that’s fascinated the whole county. And Lauren’s lifelong crush, Bowie Weston, has finally noticed she’s alive. Too bad it’s for the wrong reasons. He’s the son of the defendant.

Bowie is sure his mom isn’t guilty of shooting his father, but he can’t figure out why she lied about the details of that night. Maybe she had a good reason. Hell, he lied about it, too. Bowie’s devastated by the loss of his dad and determined to keep his mom out of prison. He believes Lauren may be the key, and he thinks he can convince her to help him—he has something she wants desperately, something her family needs.

Lauren wants to believe in Bowie, and she wishes she could help him, but she knows better than to interfere. Her mom has already sacrificed so much for this case, she can’t lose the trial, too. And Lauren wonders, like everyone in town, how much Bowie knows about what happened the night his father died. And whether he was somehow involved.

If Lauren risks helping Bowie, she might be able to prove his mother’s innocence and finally win his heart. But in the process, she could lose much more.





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Fans of Karen McManus will enjoy the twists and turns in WHAT HE HIDES.

When Lauren’s mom becomes the prosecuting attorney in Bowie’s mom’s murder trial, Lauren should know better than to get involved. But her long-standing crush on Bowie makes staying away nearly impossible.

I loved Lauren’s character and felt an immediate connection to her. I related to the childhood torch she carried for Bowie and her insatiable curiosity. Patrick gives us lots more to enjoy here, from the incredible MC’s voice to the sultry Mississippi setting to the swoon-worthy relationship between Lauren and Bowie. And the mystery driving the plot of the story forward was so well-paced. I really enjoyed trying to work out the pieces of Bowie’s dad’s murder alongside the main characters.

In all, I highly recommend What He Hides to fans of contemporary YA looking for a good mystery to solve.
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Fans of Karen McManus will enjoy the twists and turns in WHAT HE HIDES.
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