About This Book:

Where there’s love, there’s misery. Violet Noble loves a good challenge. That’s why her parents were so insistent on getting her and her twin brother, Sebastian, a scholarship to Shelfbrooke Academy. But when Sebastian bails on the plan, Violet is left alone in a strange land of rich kids and hot rugby players. When Violet discovers the academy’s online gossip forum, she finds the courage to comment...under her brother’s profile. Before she knows it, she's giving dating advice to the captain of the rugby team, Owen Duke, and flirting with his beautiful ex-girlfriend, Lily Thorn. Now, Violet is falling for Owen, and Lily is falling for fake-Sebastian, and everyone is miserable. Can Violet clean up the mess she’s made...and somehow keep her new friends in the process? Twelfth Knight is a modern retelling of the classic Shakespeare comedy. It’s the first book in the Shelfbrooke Academy series, a collection of retellings that promise to be a lot more fun than the originals!




*Review Contributed By Michelle Lynn Assistant Indie Manager*




This story kept me engaged from the first page to the last.

The Story:
Violet is a new student at the Shelfbrook Academy boarding school. After a mix up with her room assignment due to her twin brother deciding not to enroll, she finds herself living in the boy's dorms and posting on the school's online community under her brother's name. When everything about her life at school is feeling fake, she develops real feelings for Owen. But what will he do when he learns the boy giving him advice online is the same girl he can't stop thinking about?

What I liked:
There's an earnestness in this book. It would be so easy for us not to like Violet. She's lying to everyone in her life, some pretty big lies, yet we root for her because she's so endearing. That takes skill as a writer. Owen doesn't deserve to be lied to, but I never once felt like he wasn't meant to be with Violet. Her blossoming friendship with Lily is much the same way. There are lies between them, but so much more than that. 
I LOVED seeing Lily come into her own and decide who she wanted to be. The book draws strong comparisons to a certain movie, but that's the nature of retellings of old tales. Besides, I happen to adore every single version of this old story I've seen or read. This one is no different.

What was just okay:
I wish Owen was a bit stronger. He's obsessed with an ex who obviously doesn't want him - to the point of completely crushing another girl who is perfect for him. I wanted to punch him at times, but other times, I loved him. 

Final Verdict:
An entertaining retelling with fresh ideas, endearing characters, and a storyline you'll want to read in a single sitting.




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