About This Book:

Junior year’s looking up for sixteen-year old Mike. Her new BFF isn’t a sadistic control freak, her boyfriend adores her, and she’s learning to bike in the mountains without decapitating herself on a tree. Well, almost. When she meets a group of riders who welcome her into their pack, she feels like she’s finally found where she belongs. One particular rider—a boy with an amazing smile and an even more amazing ability to see what she’s truly capable of—gives her the confidence to go after what she wants: her own life with her own rules. There’s only one problem—he’s not her boyfriend. Just as things seem to be falling into place, her parents put on the pressure to figure out her future—one that doesn’t include riding. Mike soon realizes that having everything isn’t that great when she’s not the one choosing it. She needs to decide if she’s going to continue to be a follower or step out of the shadows and find her own trail.


*Review Contributed By Michelle Lynn, Staff Reviewer*

Another good one!

A fantastic sequel from Melanie Hooyenga. 

The Story:
Juinor year is supposed to be a year of excitement. One last hurrah before life gets too serious. For Mike, it's a year of shrinking under the pressure from her parents about her future and falling out of love with the boy she thought would be hers for a long time.
Adventure comes for her in the form of a new passion- riding- and a new group of friends who push her beyond the limits she thought she had. Not to mention the boy with the intense gaze. 

What I loved:
I know absolutely nothing about mountain biking and yet this story made me feel like I did. Mike is the perfect example of a teen at that point in their life. Life is about to change in a drastic way. Nothing ever stays the same, but the coming change is never so profound as it is during the final years of high school. It's that line into adulthood. Melanie Hooyenga encapsulates the tumultuous years with incredible skill. 
The characters are so real, they're almost like friends. 

What was just okay:
I was a bit sad for certain characters I'd loved in the first book, but I quickly got over that.

Final Verdict:
A well-done portrait of life at it's finest- when things end to make way for new challenges and excitement. When love trumps disappointment. And when we find out just how limitless we really are.


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