About This Book:

One party. 
One accident. Six lives changed forever. 

Nari Won Song isn’t the girl anyone expects her to be. To her classmates she’s the nerd.

To her parents, she is the quiet daughter who always does as she’s told.

And the popular boy next door? The one who was once her best friend. Well, to him she doesn’t exist at all.

Yet, the weekends are her saviors. Only then does she step from the shadows to show who she’s become since the accident that changed all of them forever.

And who is she? A rock star.


Avery St. Germaine is one of the pretty people. The golden elite of Twin Rivers High. As the talented son of NFL Hall of Famer, Grayson St. Germaine, the world is Avery’s oyster.

And he doesn’t want any part of it.

Avery’s best friend died in a tragic accident almost two years ago, and since then, Avery has avoided everything from his old life. But recent events have him emerging from the fog of his mourning, and he isn’t proud of the person he’s become.

Breaking up with Meghan Lewis is the best decision he’s made in a long time, but in the aftermath, Avery has become her pathetic cast off, and he’s determined to show her and everyone else he’s a better man without her. But Avery’s not ready for a real relationship.  

Can he convince the girl next door to be his fake girlfriend?




*Review Contributed By Robin Mahle Staff Reviewer*




What I liked:
First and foremost, Beck. I loves me some Beck. I want a Beck story, and now. Watching Avery come to terms with this relationships with his family, himself, and those around him in the wake of this tragedy and his best friend's fall from hero status was heart wrenching and beautiful. I love the shifting dynamics with his brother and the way you gently begin to see how much better he is than even he believes.

What left me wanting more:
If I had one small complaint, it would be that Nari's problems are somewhat distant and largely self made, somewhat lessening the impact of her storyline. Her relationship with Avery more than made up for that minor blip, but it was his scenes in her point of view that kept the pace moving along.

The Bottom Line:
This installment tackled real issues and the fallibility of humanity in the same vein as The F Word. It's real and gritty and endlessly entertaining.




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