About This Book:

“I am sixteen years old and I will die on the morning of my seventeenth birthday. As tradition dictates, I will be sacrificed and my life’s blood will determine which one of my two brothers will be King. My blood will kill one and crown one. My name is Everleigh and I am the Kingmaker.” The legend of the Kingmaker goes back millions of years. Their magic chooses the rightful King of the Realm and they all die on their seventeenth birthday. Except this one. Everleigh is special. She is the Kingmaker who will live, the Kingmaker who will rule, the Kingmaker who will be Queen. But not everyone agrees with an age old prophecy that says that a girl will rule the Realm and soon Everleigh is locked in a deadly battle for the throne.


*Review Contributed By Michelle Lynn, Staff Reviewer*


An intriguing world.

One of the best premises I have come across in the fantasy world. 

The story: 
Everleigh is a teenage girl who is one week away from dying. She's known the date of her death her entire life and tries to be okay with it. Her death will crown one of her brothers and kill the other. Only this time, it's much more complicated than that. Maybe this Kingmaker isn't supposed to crown anyone but herself. 

What I loved: I can't remember the last time I was so intrigued by a premise. A girl who everyone thinks is destined to die while they all force smiles onto their faces. The story draws the reader into that world and makes us feel what Everleigh and the ones who love her feel. It's an emotional book. 

What was just okay for me: The writing style. It switches point of view quite frequently - which would be okay if it wasn't also switching from first person to third. The only person's head I wanted to be in was Everleigh and she was the one who didn't get a first person voice. 
The characters are hard to connect with since we don't get much face time with each. The ending is also a bit dissatisfying because magic plays such a large role in the book up until then and then is forgotten about. 

Final Verdict:
An interesting and easy read that will appeal to young fantasy fans with it's intrigue, magic, betrayal, and quite a bit of excitement.


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