Featured Review: The Hereafter (Jessica Bucher)


About The Book: 

Nin has no recollection of her death. The things she does remember, like her cruel boyfriend, troubled father, and absent mother, she’d like to forget. Dylan doesn’t need to remember his death to know that he deserved it. Who needs memories when you have the scars? Sparks ignite when the two, very different, strangers meet. Together they spend one endless summer exploring their new world. Suddenly, their after-lives hold more possibility and promise than their tragic teenage lives ever did. But no dream lasts forever, and all too soon, harmful memories from their pasts emerge and threaten to tear them apart. Given the chance to change their fates, Nin and Dylan must decide-- life or love. Weaving through past and present and alternating perspectives, The Hereafter is an emotional journey about young love and second chances.


** Review contributed by Melissa A Craven, Indie Manager **



An extremely rare find

Bucher’s take on contemporary romance might be a strike of brilliance, but get your box of tissues … you’re going to need them. 
The fact that The Hereafter is her debut novel and her first time publishing as an indie author is astounding. Clearly, Jessica’s educational background in creative writing has prepared her for success and I look forward to more from this author. 
Heartbreaking and unpredictable, this is not your typical YA romance. And that’s not only because this love story takes place in the afterlife. A complex story of regrets, bad decisions and wrong turns, Nin and Dylan always seem to just miss out on what their lives would have been had they beaten the odds stacked against them. 
“Nin has no recollection of her death.” Even from the first line of the synopsis, I was intrigued, and it only got better. With each new insight from both Nin and Dylan, the story is revealed to the reader through intricate layers of important events and special moments from their lives and their deaths. 
The story is beautifully written and meticulously planned, even to the finest detail. Nin’s journey and the ultimate, self-sacrificing decisions she makes—the unfathomable depth of her forgiveness—will leave you in tears and have you cheering for this unlikely couple to find the peace and second chance they both deserve. 
I would recommend The Hereafter to all ages and to anyone looking for a truly unique story that will keep you guessing right up to the end. Well done Ms. Bucher, I’m rarely left guessing this much. 




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