About This Book:

When Leo, an Italian championship swimmer, and Naomi, a science genius from California, are two of the twenty-four teens drafted into the International Space Training Camp, their lives are forever altered. After erratic climate change has made Earth a dangerous place to live, the fate of the population rests on the shoulders of the final six who will be scouting a new planet. Intense training, global scrutiny, and cutthroat opponents are only a few of the hurdles the contestants must endure in this competition.

For Leo, the prospect of traveling to Europa—Jupiter’s moon—to help resettle humankind is just the sense of purpose he’s been yearning for since losing his entire family in the flooding of Rome. Naomi, after learning of a similar space mission that mysteriously failed, suspects the ISTC isn’t being up front with them about what’s at risk.

As the race to the final six advances, the tests get more challenging—even deadly. With pressure mounting, Naomi finds an unexpected friend in Leo, and the two grow closer with each mind-boggling experience they encounter. But it’s only when the finalists become fewer and their destinies grow nearer that the two can fathom the full weight of everything at stake: the world, the stars, and their lives.



*Review Contributed By Jazmen Greene Staff Reviewer*



With a thrilling concept, a romance to root for, and teens attempting to save the world, The Final Six--has all the makings of a great novel. 

In The Final Six, teens are hand-picked from all over the world, for a space project. A project in which they will be brought together--to make space livable for the human-race. The world has been ravaged by biblical-like storms—and most of the inhabitable world is under water. 

The problem is, is space really fit for human life? And just what are they expected to do? Not all of it seems on the up and up.

What works:
The concept is cool. Teens trained to make space habitable--because the world depends on it. That's pretty thrilling to say the least. 

The competitiveness--there's a lot at stake for some of these teens--so things get a little, "crazy," and I liked that aspect--it can't all be easy.

The idea that love can still exist in this harrowing situation.

What doesn’t work:
The romance is slightly insta-love-y, which can be a turn-off for some, and to be honest it was a bit of a turn-off for me, being that the romance portion felt a little forced. Romance that happens more naturally is always better for reading, and for enjoyment. 

Conclusion: The ending is a cliff-hanger—but it’s a good kind. It gives us a scenario—that by the end you’ll be rooting for. 

I believe as with many series (Some sites note this book as the Time Crosser's series)—the story will get deeper, and more intriguing as the series goes on.

A decent read, with potential—worth picking up.



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