About This Book:

Quinn’s illusions are as good as those in any Vegas act—but can he win a spot at a prestigious magic camp despite an upstaging partner, a cute rival, and a con-artist mentor?

Fifteen-year-old Quinn Purcell wants only one thing: to win a coveted spot at the Masters of Magic Fantasy Camp. But the competition is stiff, including Dani Darling, an incredibly talented, and incredibly attractive, rival magician who prestidigitates her way into Quinn’s heart—unless that’s just another of her tricks. To make matters worse, Quinn and his best friend, Perry, have always performed their magic as a team, but the judges want solo acts, and a two-man audition might disqualify them. When Quinn meets his idol, the Dazzling Lazlo, at a diner, it seems like a sign. If he can convince Lazlo to spill the secrets to his greatest trick, then the spot at the camp is all but Quinn’s. But is the washed-up magician just using Quinn to run a few scams? When the chips are down, what will Quinn risk—his best friend, his new crush, or his career as a magician? Hilarious and fast-paced, Don Calame’s latest novel is full of complicated magic tricks and equally complicated friendships.



*Review Contributed by Joanne Mumley, Twitter Manager*

The Delusionist by Don Calame is an fun and engaging read about a 15-year old Quin Purcell. All he wants in life is to be recognized for his magical talent and win a spot at the Masters of Magic Fantasy Camp. It would be even better if his friend Perry could come along too. Quinn has always performed with Perry so things get complicated when it looks like they might have to be solo acts.

What I loved: Don Calmame does an incredible job making it feel like the reader is actually watching the acts unfold. Quinn is a very relatable character, a reader can empathaize with his self-doubt (Don't we all have those moments?) while feeling the instant need to cheer him on while he maneuvers through all the twists and turns.

What left me wanting more: While Quinn is a well-developed and relatable character, I wish I got to know more about some of the other characters. However, I can see how developing more of the characters might have slowed down the pacing of the story.

Final Verdict: The Delusionist is fast paced and is the perfect blend of magical stunts, mystery, relationship building, humor, and relatable issues one faces growing up. I am looking forward to reading more of Don Calame's books.



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