Featured Review: Eight Rivers of Shadow (Leo Hunt)


About The Book:


In a high-stakes sequel, reluctant necromancer Luke Manchett must call upon the most wicked and eerie ghosts of his dispelled Host to save two innocent souls. It’s been a few months since Luke Manchett inherited a Host of eight hostile spirits from his dead father and made a deal with the devil to banish them. Luke’s doing his best to blend in to the background of high school, to ignore the haunting dreams spawned by his father’s Book of Eight, and to enjoy the one good thing to come from the whole mess: his girlfriend, Elza. And then it all begins again. Ash, a strange new girl with stark white hair, requests his help—and his Book of Eight—to save her twin sister, who was attacked by a demon. Ash knows a lot more about necromancy than Luke and seems to know what she’s doing, but can she be trusted? As Luke is drawn into a spiral of ever more dangerous favors, he finds himself not only summoning the deadliest members of his father’s Host, but returning to Deadside in a terrifying quest to save what he holds dearest—or die trying.



** Review Contributed By Melissa A. Craven, Indie Manager **



A compelling sequel to 13 Days of Midnight

An enjoyable read and a huge change from the YA norm, 8 Rivers of Shadow will resonate with fans of the series. Picking up a few months after 13 Days of Midnight ended, life seems to have returned to normal for Luke Manchett and his girlfriend, Elza. That is, until the arrival of Ash, a strange California girl who just doesn't seem to add up. Luke suspects she knows much more than anyone would ever guess. 
When she asks Luke and Elza to help her save her sister, Luke finds himself back in the thick of it, summoning members of his Host after he swore he never would.
After a somewhat slow start, the story picks up and becomes quite a page turner. The unique plot and premise made for a nice change from some of the more typical YA books. Luke's determination and Elza's dry humor are balanced with the tension Ash brings to their lives and to the story. I particularly enjoyed The Widow as well as some of the other more terrifying spectral characters. 
The ending came to a satisfying, bittersweet close to Luke's story, but I'm left hoping we will see more of this world and these characters in the future. An older teen audience of both male and female readers will enjoy this series, and I look forward to future works by this author. 


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