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Isis Blake hasn’t fallen in love in three years, forty-three weeks, and two days. Or so she thinks. The boy she maybe-sort-of-definitely loved and sort-of-maybe-definitely hated has dropped off the face of the planet in the face of tragedy, leaving a Jack Hunter–shaped hole. Determined to be happy, Isis fills it in with lies and puts on a brave smile for her new life at Ohio State University. But the smile lasts only until he shows up. The menace from her past—her darkest secret, Nameless—is attending OSU right alongside her. And he’s whispering that he has something Isis wants—something she needs to see to move forward. To move on. Isis has always been able to pretend everything is okay. But not anymore. Isis Blake might be good at putting herself back together. But Jack Hunter is better.




*Review Contributed By Jazmen Greene Staff Reviewer*



Remember Me Forever

This is one of the very few books that I found it hard to say farewell to. With characters that gave me something to root for, and something to long for--I definitely found it hard to say goodbye.

This is one of those series, that I think you just have to get. to enjoy. What I mean is there aren't a lot of people that will truly understand the underlying hurt beneath the cheesy jokes, and sarcasm--I mean this in a good way. Isis is hilarious.

Isis, is hurt. She uses her wit, and jokes to get her through, albeit she's hysterical--she's really just a hurt girl trying to get through her everyday life. I think some people may view this negatively--but to me it all made sense.

I think when you read all of these books together--it will be the most perfect ending imaginable. I've seen several reviews, that have bashed the author for taking a lighter tone in book three. But I mean, people do heal--and this is good. This is something to rejoice about.

In books one and two, you get to see the depth of each character's hurt and true story. You learn about what makes them, them. In book three you get to see it all come around--I loved that.

What I love most about this series as a whole, is that these characters were realistic, dealt with real things--and just made me feel. Not many books can affect me that way--and I am so glad I got to enjoy every single book.

I feel like I'm rambling on with no point in sight, but I just loved these books so much. I loved these characters so much, that is has reduced me to a pointless blob with a keyboard.

Let me attempt to make some sense.

What I liked: The characters of course--I got to see a side of them that you only got peeks of in books one and two. Isis was still funny. Jack is still swoon-worthy-- in his own "ice prince," sort of way. Isis' Mom is progressing. And we got to meet new characters, all of which helped to enrich an already great series, and story.

The backstory: Some people felt like this was a bad attempt at mystery, but this story gave me the retribution I was seeking (You'll have to read the books, to find out what I mean. ;) )

The progress:Sometimes you get series, and no matter how many books there are in it, sometimes the characters make no true progress--this was not the case in this book/series. The characters grew and changed and healed--and I was all the happier for it. 

And my most favorite: Jack and Isis: These two are by far among my most favorite characters of all time. They are witty, and sassy--and hurt, and loveable--and OMG, I love these characters. I really do. I rooted for them in every book, in every chapter, and on every page. There is someone out there for everyone--and they're non-living proof of it. 

These books may very well be the first batch of books I re-read.

There's nothing that I disliked, so I'll just leave you with why I think you should read this book and this series:

Solid, progressive, humorous, heartfelt, realistic, feels-giving, and the list could go on. But if you want something that is both funny, and moving. This series is perfect for you. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll swoon--and you will most definitely want more. I can't recommend it enough. 

Actually I can, but just read it!




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