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The kingdom of Dreach-Sciene is dying. Famine, uncontrollable weather, and war have devastated Prince Trystan's people. It’s only a matter of time before their enemies destroy them. Only magic can save the kingdom. But there has been no magic in Dreach-Sciene for twenty years and Trystan fears it is only a fairy-tale. Without magic, there is no hope. If the prince wishes to harness the ancient power, he must first reunite the Tri-Gard, the legendary keepers of magic. His journey to find these magical beings will either lift him up or bring him to his knees as he sacrifices everything to save his people. With his enemies drawing ever closer, it's a race against time ... and against dark forces that could destroy them all. If you yearn for noble princes, forbidden romances, and heart-pumping quests, pick up your sword and reclaim your magic for the battle to come.


*Review Contributed By Bethany Wicker, Staff Reviewer*

Perfect for Fans of Game of Thrones

When Trystan is named Toha, he becomes the protector of the realm instead of the ordinary prince. Because of this responsibility, Trystan realizes that he has to be the one to save the realm from war and starvation. Without magic, the crops aren't growing like they should and war is raging. The solution to their problems is to restore the Tri-Gard.

Trystan sets off with his sister Rissa and his best friend Davion. On their journey, they discover Lady Alixa who has escaped from her treacherous father. With her insistence, Alixa accompanies them as they continue on with their quest.

I absolutely loved the fantasy element that both Michelle Lynn and Michelle Bryan deliver. I loved the romance between Trystan and Alixa and then, Rissa and Davion. Davion has to be my favorite character because of his wit and charm, but a princess has to marry a prince, which leaves a hole between Rissa and Davion.

All I have to say is that these two authors did an excellent job at developing characters that you fall in love with and want to route for. They also create a world that you hope to see pull through. This story has a Game of Thrones feel and I am eagerly awaiting the second one!

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