Featured Review: Local Girl Swept Away by Ellen Wittlinger

About this book:


All four of the best friends were out on the breakwater together, watching a huge storm come in over the spit of land called Provincetown. Lorna, always their leader, the one who’d made them come out in this terrible weather, was out front, running. Finn, who’d loved Lorna for years, followed next, then Lucas, who loved her secretly, and finally, Jackie, her best friend always. But it got so dark, and the wind was so loud it was impossible to hear anyone. Jackie wasn’t sure just where everybody was anymore, and then she saw it, the white jacket Lorna always wore, floating far out in the ocean, being dragged out to sea. The three of them were helpless. What could they do? And who would they be now, without Lorna?



*Review contributed by Joanne Mumley, Staff Reviewer*


Summer Beach Read

Local Girl Swept away is a typical Coming of age mystery. The book’s premise and storyline does not go into great depth. Even with the plot twists and turns at times the storyline can be predictable. But during this time of the year, it helps make it the perfect however, summer time beach read. The sights and sounds of Cape Cod are perfectly described and lend a realistic setting for the characters. 


When it comes to someone looking for a great book to read on the beach or outside by the pool on a hot day, this book does not disappoint. The group of kids, while stereotypical, is easy to understand. The main mystery of the local girl’s disappearance and the grief the kids go through feel real and understandable. While the mystery unfolds, other events keep the reader wondering and provide them with clues to unravel the truth.  


What I liked best: Overall, I like the fact that the book was a page turner. During the summer, I like fun reads that keep me interested and wanted to find out more- even if it is to see if I figured out the mystery or not. 


This is a great book for those looking for a light mystery for the summer. Wittlinger’s fans will not be disappointed. 



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