About This Book:

Promised to the Light. Hunted by the Dark. 

Two things happen the night Elidi Brant is attacked. She learns she's not human, and she is saved by the impressive and, also definitely not human, Kol Valco. Kol tells her something big and world-breaking is after her, but he promises to protect her until she “ascends.” 

Elidi doesn't know what ascending means or how to access the abilities Kol insists she has, but she trusts him. The claws and fur he can sprout at will make her feel safe. However, safety is a fragile thing and the force after her is more powerful than Elidi can imagine. 

With the clock on Elidi’s mortality ticking, she must find a way to access her gifts or kill them both in the process.




*Review Contributed By Samantha Randolph Staff Reviewer*




Elidi is a Goddess, or she will be when she ascends but to do that she must survive an attack from an enemy. I enjoyed the story, I think Elidi was an interesting character and the idea of Gods and Goddesses needing protectors in the form of wolf shifters was entertaining. I did wish that more had happened, the middle was mostly Elidi coming to terms with stuff and trying to get the truth out of everyone around her. I did enjoy the reverse harem element, some hot guys for Elidi to drool over. I would read the next book..
Good Points
Great ideas
Strong lead

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