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With unexpected internet fame, two people vying for her heart, an all-girl band, and coming to terms with her parents’ failures, Angie comes home to herself in a rewarding finale.

After hitting the road with her friends last summer and taking the stage to sing her heart out in Columbus, Angie finally feels like she’s figuring things out. And her next move? Finally asking Jamboree Memphis Jordan to be her girlfriend. Angie’s got her speech ready on a set of flash cards, but her plans are complicated when her first love, KC Romance, comes cruising back into town. And when a video of Angie’s Columbus performance goes viral, everything gets even more confusing. Kids at school are treating her with respect, she’s being recognized in public, and her couldn’t-be-bothered mother is . . . well, bothered is an understatement.

When she learns of an online music competition, Angie decides to start a band. With the help of her brother, Jamboree, and her town’s resident washed-up rock star, Angie puts together a group and gets busy writing songs, because the competition deadline is only two weeks away. Between sorting out her feelings for Jamboree and KC, dealing with her newfound fame, and dodging an increasingly violent and volatile mother, singing seems like the only thing that Angie’s really good at. Can her band of girl rockers actually win? More importantly, can Angie get it together before she loses all sense of herself yet again?



*Review Contributed by Bethany Wicker, Listings Manager*

With her new girlfriend, Angie is ready to take on the world. However, there's still so much chaos in her life. Angie battles the loss of her sister and becoming internet famous. With her video going viral, people start picking her out from the crowd in ways that are completely different from before. This gives her the encouragement to get together a band, but it isn't as easy as it sounds. Especially with all the drama that is her life.

When her ex KC returns, things take a turn for the more intense and crazy path. Angie struggles to come to terms with her feelings for both KC and Jamboree. All the while, watching her mother head on a downward spiral after her sister's death. Angie's family is dysfunctional and that only adds to the stress she feels. She has trouble seeing herself as a normal person because of her size and the feeling that her mom doesn't approve of it.

FAT ANGIE: HOMECOMING is the third in the series and while I didn't read the first two, that didn't stop me from connecting with Angie's character. This story has all the feels, from grief, to heartbreak, to happiness, and so much more. E.E Charlton-Trujillo touches so many sensitive topics which is both revolutionary and perfect for today's times. Angie suffers many things between bullying, not being happy with her image, and girlfriend problems so the story captivates you from page one. My heart goes out to Angie and this contemporary read is one to shake things up and get people talking.

Final Verdict: I recommend this story to fans of LGBT, Coming of Age, and sensitive topics like eating disorders and bullying. Angie is a realistic character that the reader can relate to and this would be a good story for those going through similar situations. Or just for those readers who want a unique contemporary experience instead of the traditional ones.



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