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Alienated by everything that sets him apart, Aidan McBrien suffers in silence. He is the most powerful Immortal of his generation, but he chooses to live behind a mask to protect himself, even from those he loves. They can never know how much he struggles just to get through each day, overwhelmed by the pain and loss of everyone around him. As Aidan fights a constant battle to control the gifts that threaten to push him over the edge, he dreads the day his world will look to him to fulfill a prophecy he doesn’t believe in. Allie Carmichael is dying inside and she doesn't even realize it. Half a world away, she endures the same isolation Aidan experiences, but in complete ignorance of her true nature. As she forges a hesitant friendship for the first time in years, Allie sees a tiny glimmer of the life she wants, and the person she wants to be, but her instincts tell her the timing is all wrong. Allie and Aidan's paths are about to converge. With others making decisions for them, will they ever truly understand the immeasurable power they posses, or the prophecy that might not be about Aidan after all? In this continuation of Emerge: The Awakening, you'll experience Aidan's point of view as the series progresses with exciting new twists and turns. A Dark Fantasy with themes of adoption, diversity, supernatural powers, and a strong female lead. 


*Review Contributed By Joanne Mumley, Staff Reviewer*

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Once I read Emerge: The Awakening, I had to read more about these unique characters. There were so many questions left unanswered. Knowing The Edge was the prequel, I wanted to keep reading, but figured a lot of what I wanted to know probably wouldn't be addressed. But that wasn't the case. 

What I loved about The Edge was that it gave more insight into the characters. Getting to know the motivation of the characters and witnessing their character growth in a whole new way. Often in story lines, you see how characters grow over time. With The Edge, you get to see just how far the characters have come before we even witness the events in The Awakening. I loved Aidan before and am completely enthralled with him as a character now. Seeing the depth of complexity of his background brings more insight into what happened in first book. 

You definetley have to read The Awakening before opening The Edge. Even though it is a prequel,as a reader you won't have that same connection with the characters. You need to see where they are now before you see where they came from. 

This is hands down one of the better prequels I have read. This series is one to keep your eye on and tops my Indie Book list. 

Pick up for The Awakening and The Emerged. You won't be disappointed. 

Good Points
Unique story line
Great prequel

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