Featured Review: Dracula: A Coloring Classic (Bram Stoker)

Featured Review: Dracula: A Coloring Classic (Bram Stoker)

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Dracula is one of horror's most classic stories, and now it is a hauntingly detailed coloring book. Intricate linework combines with iconic quotations and scenes to create a chilling book that will inspire creativity while taking you on a journey of terror, thrills, and romance. Featuring a richly foiled cover.



*Review Contributed By Zoraida Aracely, Staff Reviewer*



Goth Lover's Dream

Goth coloring enthusiasts gather 'round. Bram Stoker's Dracula is a classic, now turned into a coloring book. The pages are filled with lush illustrations. My initial instinct was to stay with traditional blacks, grays, and reds. But I decided to get a little playful. Dracula with a purple cape is incredibly disarming. The Prince of Darkness now has a very Prince flair. Chellie Carroll's illustrations are intricate and unique. It doesn't look like stock art, but the kind of art that might've accompanied an original version of the text decades ago. Though there is room for the user to imagine a new world for Dracula, it is perfect for classic Gothic lovers. The text has been abbreviated, and the select passages marry perfectly with the illustrations. It is a perfect gift, especially with Christmas right around the corner.



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