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What if you could go back in time to save the person you love the most?

Nate’s funny. He’s a football player. He’s ridiculously handsome. In fact, it seems as if Melody’s dating the perfect guy, until an unexpected tragedy changes everything about him.

Based on her own family’s experiences, Melody knows traveling in time to help him could have disastrous results – the tiniest alteration of the past can have huge repercussions on the future. But with careful planning, she’s confident her trip will be a success.

What she doesn’t anticipate is that sometimes there are consequences which can never be foreseen and changes that can never be undone.




*Review Contributed By Karen Klein Staff Reviewer*




n the third and final installment in the ‘The Clay Lion’ trilogy, Charlie’s little sister Melody takes her own trip to the past. Melody learns that small actions can have large and unexpected consequences in the present.

I adored the previous installments in the ‘Clay Lion’ series. I pretty much jumped from ‘Tin Men’ into this one. I could not wait to find out where Melody’s time-traveling journey would take her. The story begins as Melody is starting college. Her first day she meets handsome, sweet, and strong Nate. Nate and Melody fall head over heels for each other.

Nate and Melodie’s lives take a dramatic twist after a tragedy. Melodie decides to go against everyone’s advise and use her one-time-only time-travel trip.

I really loved Nate. Amalie Jahn is so good at making swoon-worthy characters. I can totally understand why Melody fell so hard for Nate and was willing to do so much to save him.

I really thought the details of how a small action in the past can lead to large changes in the future (what I would call the butterfly effect). What really made ‘A Straw Man’ stand out from the first two books in the series is the political stance that Melody takes. It really highlighted how almost anything can become politicized and how even something that is so obviously bad for society is allowed to continue. This story definitely gave me a lot to think about.
Once again a great one from Amalie Jahn. I am really sad the trilogy is over.

Good Points
Awesome writing.
Great Continuation
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