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One bite on her hand, and Mel has a million problems slipping through her fingers. After a wild animal attack, Melanie Caldwell ends up sick and disoriented. She and her friends think she just needs to go to the doctor. Then she’s kidnapped on the day of the next full moon, and discovers in the worst way that monsters are real . . . and that she has become one of them. All Melanie wanted was to get a boyfriend and graduate college. Now she has to somehow deal with agonizing monthly transformations, a secret organization stalking her, friends and enemies trying to discover her secret, and hunters looming on the horizon.


*Review Contributed by Bethany Wicker, Listings Manager & Staff Reviewer*

Not Your Typical Werewolf Story
School is supposed to be about meeting that special someone, passing your classes, and having fun with friends. But that isn't the case for Mel. While camping, she's bitten on the hand by a wolf which gives her an added bonus she didn't want. It starts with Mel feeling sick and just off. Her friends worry about her, especially Pam.

When she runs into Gavin, he senses what she is and begs her to go with him. With no other choice, he kidnaps her and on the next full moon, Mel transforms into a werewolf. As she starts to accept the facts, Mel learns that there are organizations of werewolves and humans. Neither feel like a safe choice. All Mel wants is to find a cure, even though it seems impossible.

Sarah Awa takes traditional werewolves and turns it into something even darker. The author also draws in Biblical themes throughout the book while Mel considers her immortal soul. While Mel adjusts to being a werewolf, she at least has a fellow cursed being in Gavin. I do wish there was romance between the two but maybe that will happen in the future books. Overall, HUNTER'S MOON has a dark theme and looks at werewolves as being cursed rather than just a paranormal creature.

Final Verdict: I would recommend this to fans of werewolves who want to stray from the typical path. The author brings us this uniqueness that left me guessing what was going to happen next. This one ends on a cliffhanger and leaves you eager for the second.
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