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Falling for the boy next door? No. Definitely not. Can’t happen. Won’t happen... Tanchia There’s no time to enjoy senior year With training for track and keeping top grades, the pressure to succeed is constant Especially when you live in the shadow of your older sister who is currently studying at Harvard. When Dean joins the track team, I find myself losing focus He’s my next door neighbor and childhood friend But since we started high school, Dean has left me behind He’s Mr Popularity, the school’s star quarterback And he’s dating his way through the cheer squad But now he wants to train with me He wants to be project partners He wants to go out for ice cream And I find myself kind of falling for him Which is crazy, isn’t it… Because there’s no room for love in my life And certainly not with the boy next door…


*Review Contributed by Cindy Ray Hale, Staff Reviewer*

Swoony Clean High School Romance
My High School Quarterback Boyfriend is a sweet romance between a brainy track star and a popular quarterback. The characters are endearing and easy to connect with. This story was a light, quick read, and I flew through the pages.

Dean’s mom died when he was little, and she never told him or his grandparents, who ended up raising him, who his dad was. He lives next door to Tanchia, a tall half-Chinese track star who is studious and sticks to her small group of friends. Dean, on the other hand, is popular and known for dating cheerleaders. Tanchia’s had a crush on him for a long time, but he’s always seemed to look at her like the girl next door, while keeping various cheerleaders on his arm at any given time. When they go to their school’s Valentine’s dance, Dean notices how beautiful Tanchia’s gotten, and love begins to blossom. They end up spending a lot more time together when Dean’s coach recommends that he join the track team.

Tanchia doesn’t seem to notice Dean’s newfound attraction for her, so when he kisses her at a track meet, she runs in the opposite direction, literally.

What worked:
The chemistry between Dean and Tanchia was undeniable. They were so familiar with each other, having known each other for years. It was so fun to watch the love bloom between them. It was refreshing to read about the quarterback dating the nerdy girl instead of the cheerleaders he was used to.

What left me wanting more:
Not much! If I had to name something, it would probably be how hard Tanchia’s mom was on her and how she wanted Tanchia to be impressive so she could brag about her to her aunts and uncles. That was a little difficult to read. She micromanaged Tanchia’s life, and the poor girl basically went along with it. A little more independence or rebellion on Tanchia’s part would have been fun to read about. But that wasn’t a big deal. It fit Tanchia’s personality to go along with what her mom wanted because she knew her mom loved her and only wanted what was best for her, which showed maturity on Tanchia’s part.

The Final Verdict:
I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys clean, swoony YA romance. You won’t be disappointed!
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